Video proof I’m the luckiest person in the world...
In today's video, NoahJ experiences something that he's never experienced before, me, Daithi De Lucky. He spectated me open Pokemon packs to get back to back insane pulls. You can really feel the sadness in his voice when he saw me unbox the Mewtwos that he wants!
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  • bananapantssean

    I swear that this man is the luckiest and the unluckiest guy at the same time

    • CoolDudeTom

      Yo with him bending that shiny charizard vmax

    • Jonah Augustus
      Jonah Augustus

      @Jonathan Keegan Yea, been using flixzone for months myself :)

    • Jonathan Keegan
      Jonathan Keegan

      a trick: you can watch movies at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • bananapantssean

      @Sean Taylor a 360 or Xbox one

    • Sean Taylor
      Sean Taylor

      I have a friend who won an Xbox from a cereal box

  • the pokemon vintang packs king
    the pokemon vintang packs king

    Wow i think she is talking about the food 😉😉😉😉

  • sctr1235

    the disrespect nogla shows cards from time to time is terrible

  • Dino_ Freddy
    Dino_ Freddy

    I remember pulling a Radiant Emolga Full Art from Legendary Treasures. I legit flipped when I pulled that card.

  • incoherent 75
    incoherent 75

    I'm watching a guy opening Pokemon cards and it's entertaining

  • Dave Sink
    Dave Sink

    His Glasses are his power!

  • OWL Lee Gaming
    OWL Lee Gaming

    The pizza just got him luck

  • Kyle Mcewen
    Kyle Mcewen

    This is cap so stupid

  • MisSmiles

    Bro if he were to sell those, he is instantly rich

  • Josh Lucas
    Josh Lucas

    I pulled gold full art resh and zekrom a few years ago when those packs at the start were 5$ canadian each.

  • Justin Ayars
    Justin Ayars

    I have pulled a black charzard vmax

  • The Homies Gaming
    The Homies Gaming

    5:22 Nogla Did you eat a pizza and Open cards WITH GREAT LUCK OF CARDS COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY

  • Galviniezer

    0:43 that mew is $1500??? Back in my day of pulling Pokemon cards, that card was ike a common pull. Everyone in my school had it

  • spacecar345 Aj
    spacecar345 Aj

    Lol I have the mew two gx and the full art version that he needs hah

  • Freedom 123
    Freedom 123

    Novak is flexing on how luck he is. And is teasing his friend

  • SyncEatsNoodles Animations and Stuff
    SyncEatsNoodles Animations and Stuff

    Im eating pizza everytime i open Pokemon Cards now.

  • Juan

    *_I can literally see Nogla being the first person ever to make money back from pokemon cards_*

  • JeBoySammie

    whats the sound starting at 8:53

    • JeBoySammie

      its a fucking banger

  • Oregon western railroad Productions
    Oregon western railroad Productions

    nogla innocently eating pizza every pokemon card collector:* slams head into a wall *

  • Boomers Zoomers
    Boomers Zoomers

    Nogla: getting a mewtwo GX and doesnt scream. Me: getting a machoke holo and screaming my lungs out.

  • postoffice js
    postoffice js

    when he pulls a mewtwo gx three times and casually going with it and then me freaking out over a 7 dollar card ;p

  • Micheal Moser
    Micheal Moser

    I genuinely am sad. Thats so many Mew's and Mewtwo's. Its awesome

  • Mr. blue
    Mr. blue

    In the backround you can here the baby 2:36

  • Karson Knight
    Karson Knight

    Sad Story: I chaperoned a 3rd grade class and while I there I saw some kids trading Pokemon cards and one kid had a Mew Ex and he bent it up and put it in his pocket

  • Therealdestroyer

    Nogla got that gamer grease thoooo

  • lorddethan

    The pizza power?

  • Rotationz _Classy
    Rotationz _Classy

    The cards are paid actors 🤣🤣

  • CrimsonPhoenix

    This man and his BULLSHIT LUCK!!! WTF IS THIS!!!! and he has the audacity to eat PIZZA while opening them for the flex. BRUH!!!! Anyway this is an amazing video

  • freediboy73

    How much for the eevie

  • zaker stepanek
    zaker stepanek

    I'm jealous

  • bush buggy
    bush buggy

    Oh my God your lucky

  • Gabe

    Bro. I used to collect pokemon cards with no clue how much they were worth. I probably had 25k in psa 10 cards alone. But i didnt know they were worth anything and I gave them away to my friend.

  • Dhagoel Liauw
    Dhagoel Liauw

    I have slot of arceus

  • Th3_G4mer !
    Th3_G4mer !

    Where do u get the packs from

  • Alvinufo9000

    I oppned 4 packs and got shit

  • sour salts yt
    sour salts yt

    I have a shiny rayquaza

  • Nathaniel

    Is the mew ex actually $1,500? cuz I have that card n don't know the pricing

  • AnkY Meliodas
    AnkY Meliodas

    6:52 HE CALLED IT

  • Gold _Trigger
    Gold _Trigger

    I’m watching this for the first time, and I’m debating either Nogla is doing this for the trend or he is collecting cards but for how much their worth I’m not sad, I’m just disappointed 😔

  • Arda

    Nogla made Makoto Naegi feel useless

  • Scarecrow43-69

    Jeez man seeing when the diamond and pearl pack came out made me remember when Pokémon diamond and pearl came out jeez I feel old

  • Deus Exodus
    Deus Exodus

    I can see why wildcats salty.

  • Zubuxi YT
    Zubuxi YT

    What are the odds of getting those

  • Baron Lio
    Baron Lio

    Greasy fingz. :/ c'mon

  • mentos bleach
    mentos bleach

    Bro im just chilling watching this video and when he pulled the reverse -holo mew and said it was good then said the holo one was better i lost ot cuz it turns out i have that. Wow just wow

  • Pawsomegirl 12
    Pawsomegirl 12

    5:51 *OH MY FUCKING GOD*

  • roman cantu
    roman cantu

    Man he made Noah retire bc of this video man 😞🤦🏽‍♂️ (jk jk)

  • Valentino Russel Tulab
    Valentino Russel Tulab


  • Julian Gallgeos
    Julian Gallgeos

    Hes FLEXIn so hard with the pizza and a pack afterwards

  • Rxy 122
    Rxy 122

    You need help

  • Jessica Manibog
    Jessica Manibog

    Noah I have the mewtwo

  • debo Johnson
    debo Johnson


  • Justin Alberts
    Justin Alberts

    He's so lucky because he gives himself good karma by being a good Nogla. He gives Noah the good cards so he can keep his good karma

  • Eyeless Trooper
    Eyeless Trooper

    just watched this for the first time and am liking it just because he opened that pack while eating pizza, nogla is a god amongst men, oml he got entei and mewtwo right after what a legend

  • I a Person
    I a Person

    I had so many ultra rare cards for Pokémon and i mean thousands of gx and ex ultra rare vintage just for my mom to give them to my little cousin and he took all of them out of the sleeves and bent them

  • Trace Slone
    Trace Slone

    You know Nogla, Legendary has the highest chance of giving you an ex

  • Gerardo Rivera
    Gerardo Rivera

    Nogla luck goes brrrrrrrerree

  • lucus lopez
    lucus lopez

    These vids r all fake. Hes preopening the packs and adding the good cards at the end. Thats why he cuts out all the openings

  • DaGraviT

    Michou got luckier ;)

  • lucifer Morningstar
    lucifer Morningstar

    Bro at this point this man is the king of pokemon I mean come one holy

  • Kaneki

    This is why i wont buy packs cause i would never have this luck

  • tsambito

    The cards are a paid actor the whole time.

  • Zacrye Hughes
    Zacrye Hughes

    I have mewtwo dx card

  • Helbert737

    Man, I could kill myself 'cause you are luckiest!

  • Diesel Patches With a Gun
    Diesel Patches With a Gun

    I watched him pull radiant mew I guess and remembered I had a card like this from a decent time ago... I still do

  • monster golem
    monster golem

    Don't forget he destroyed a $600 Charizard

  • Dimitri Planera
    Dimitri Planera

    Unbelievable luck noice

  • Its Dragooon
    Its Dragooon

    The profits he made in this video are insane

  • snxprz

    is it possible for me to just send nogla money so he can pick out goated packs for me? 😂

  • TheRealJudaze Yt
    TheRealJudaze Yt

    I had the shining rayqaza before but it got stolen

  • Saffron Games Official
    Saffron Games Official

    this should be the title for the pull you did last night (sounds dirty lol)

  • RGT _Assassin
    RGT _Assassin

    I gave my cousin that mew... I think ima take it back bahahaha

  • Edward Archambeault
    Edward Archambeault

    The only nogla vid I watch and he pulls out about A MILLION dollars worth of rares

  • Edilberto F. Taytayon
    Edilberto F. Taytayon

    dam I want to unbox pokecards but I'm poor :(

  • TheMetalEngine 20
    TheMetalEngine 20

    i have a holographic hitmonchan

  • Invocation Chaos
    Invocation Chaos

    Wish I had his luck for pulls

  • Invocation Chaos
    Invocation Chaos

    The pizza smudge aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Riez

    goverments gunna be out 4 ya bro

  • Ink

    This man pulls so many cards that can buy him another car he can't drive. (Watch the WILDCAST to know what i'm talking about)

  • V0iD zoo
    V0iD zoo

    10:30 he pulled a pikachu with yellow cheeks

  • NoWayMan

    The reason I decided not to get into Pokemon was this man

  • Link King
    Link King

    What did I just watch 🤯

  • Johnny Fernandez
    Johnny Fernandez

    Nogla calm down you’ll be too many packs you need to chill you’re too lucky let people give a chance you keep getting rare cards

  • Drip Yoda
    Drip Yoda

    Pizza is key just eat pizza and be like nogla to get this incredible luck

  • rebecca ruiz
    rebecca ruiz

    Noglas bank account rn📈📈

  • rebecca ruiz
    rebecca ruiz

    2:35 I thought kick away said rick astley I don’t know why

  • Nunu Hahaaa
    Nunu Hahaaa

    Your luck is ether really bad or really good

  • Aaron Torrez
    Aaron Torrez

    I have a holo Pikachu from Evolutions

  • Modern Ghinsi
    Modern Ghinsi

    Where can I buy these packs?

  • Aether-Sama

    Nogla is like Nano of the Pokemon Cards

  • Eithan Kabiling
    Eithan Kabiling

    All of his cards are worth a house

  • The_B0t 320
    The_B0t 320

    Next vid: Dahi eating pizza montage funny moments

  • Noobie

    wtfffffff is this videoooo

  • Gamer Dracus
    Gamer Dracus

    Nogla's poker game just snorted this video

  • syhime galloway
    syhime galloway

    Luck of the irish

  • Chill Bly
    Chill Bly

    Lol nogla doing asmr infront of him at 5:53

  • Yassin Ali
    Yassin Ali

    i would love to see a whole drawer full of nogla's best card collection

  • HipHop Scotch
    HipHop Scotch

    I needed to watch a net gain after the bent shinny charzard

  • Axolotl_Rulez

    Now I just now the elite box I got today will be terrible when I open it

  • Woomy wemix
    Woomy wemix

    Nogla i have a mewtwo card worth over 5,000 dollars and idk what to do with it