This game terrified my friends and I...
In today's video, we go back to school to find all the answers for our next exam coming up, only to find a certain lunch lady guarding us against them.
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  • jj Finigan
    jj Finigan

    I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure ps2 gen had the best games

  • Darryn & Hazel Yee
    Darryn & Hazel Yee

    The shaking flashlight sacres me more than anything else

  • Angel Fisher-Plunkett
    Angel Fisher-Plunkett

    Its like a school version of Phasmophobia lol

  • Andrew Marte
    Andrew Marte

    Daithi De Nogla Picked up Daithi De Nogla 😂😂😂

  • Alan —
    Alan —

    so slender but slender has been reskined into a fat lunch lady how original

  • Filipe Duque
    Filipe Duque

    A Table in the bathroom. What's the surprise?

  • Gyula Peelen
    Gyula Peelen

    when youtube says the game he playes is fnaf

  • Anubis Gaming
    Anubis Gaming

    Just imagine the whole crew is here the lunch lady is fucked up😂😂😂

  • Omen

    I love how the description auto classifies the video as "Five Nights at Freddy's"

  • Juan Mguel Garcia
    Juan Mguel Garcia

    10:17 to the inspirational music XD

  • _*Wowza I’m shook*_
    _*Wowza I’m shook*_

    Did Nogla ever die???

  • Arianne

    honestly enjoy them four playing together

  • Babzilla

    Please start linking games in the description. Or at least telling us the name of it. c:

  • X P X K I
    X P X K I

    I'm glad to see this😭

  • elijahxdlol

    easier to use the in game voice chat

  • Chong Pun
    Chong Pun

    IRbin:ah yes this is five night at freddys

  • madsus

    I like how it says Fnaf in the description.

  • Jordan Queen
    Jordan Queen

    There are still people on zoom?

  • Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch
    Saitama Ultimate Serius death punch

    *FUTURE OF GAMING IS HERE* (Screen showing brian/terrorizer just floating on the air)

  • xoidish

    I love how youtube thinks this is FNaF

  • Forbidden Gaming
    Forbidden Gaming

    I wonder what test was so hard that they had to risk their life for answers

  • canadian guy
    canadian guy

    lasagna for 3 families

  • D. L.
    D. L.

    Baldi’s basics ray trace gameplay

  • Fear Defined
    Fear Defined

    Why is there a clip button for this video

  • Jaden Michael Galan`
    Jaden Michael Galan`

    apparently this is five nights at freddy's.

  • rbbuchko

    No else has posted this vid it’s very weird

  • Owen Barley
    Owen Barley

    The screams of everyone as they are being hunted by a lasagne lass is amusing

  • Nikolai Bravo
    Nikolai Bravo

    I looked in the link and the game is five nights at Freddys

  • derp24 Lordz
    derp24 Lordz

    This is literally slenderman version 2

  • SirLordJustinian

    10:00 that part of the movie from Spaceballs

  • Jackpro43same

    Damn I miss the old editing like who ever was editing from before get them cause that was the best not the gatcha people

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders

    I hear nogla more than the game lmao

  • Shiela Estorba
    Shiela Estorba

    *The game that is on the desc just- makes me laugh Lol-*

  • lvl 100 chonker
    lvl 100 chonker

    Ah yes good job IRbin this is five nights at Freddy's

  • Djay Meijer
    Djay Meijer

    Play devour way better and scary

  • Black Penguin20
    Black Penguin20

    10:18 is such a funny clip lol AHHAHAHA

  • Chance Meyers
    Chance Meyers


  • PSN - TrueProxy
    PSN - TrueProxy

    Would be cool if one person could play the lunch lady

  • Please let me change my name Goddammit
    Please let me change my name Goddammit

    6:41 7:59 not the kind of jumpscares I was expecting

  • Generic Lego guy
    Generic Lego guy

    Why is Five nights at Freddy’s linked in the description?

  • AjWastingTime

    Slenderman’s wife?!!?!??

  • Wuft Chan
    Wuft Chan

    6:08 noglas that girl in highschool of the dead who kicked her friend into the zombies to save her own life XD

  • The MaGentleman
    The MaGentleman

    Everyone makes fun of the $4 game until the Lunch lady goes Sonic speed.

  • SubZero

    Dax games played this

  • Hu

    Lmao why is FNAF the game linked in the description

  • Neon Vuchee
    Neon Vuchee

    whats funny is that the game is lunch lady, and in the description it say Five Nights At Freddy's

  • B B
    B B

    i love these videos, wish they were longerrr

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    ah yes description this is five nights at freddys right?

  • André Luís
    André Luís

    IRbin: the game is Five Night at Freddy's (2014)

  • Irish_Cocoa

    Nogla It’s actually Terrified Me and my friends

  • Julius Whisenant
    Julius Whisenant

    wow its the new fnaf game LMAO

  • CorpseSonn

    Is it just me or can I watch the outro all day?

  • Chimp Boy
    Chimp Boy

    This vid never showed up on my feed. IRbin is suppressing Nogla

  • kuuupe 3
    kuuupe 3

    I don’t always watch nogla but I hope he never changes that end animation with his dogs I love it

  • CH Gaming
    CH Gaming

    My entire arm hair just raised up when they getting chased

  • NoWORRIES919

    Lmfao she hated cardio classic

  • Doc Plays
    Doc Plays

    Slender School Edition

  • Brandon Silbor
    Brandon Silbor

    "I thought everyone's doing school from zoom..." Yeah but this is America, where people would literally rather see their neighbors get sick and _die_ than be inconvenienced in the slightest way possible.


    7:59 my mom's reaction when she sees my report card

  • Samson

    “ and my friends...” >_>

  • Dumpy

    Mmm yes, Five Nights at Freddy's, my favourite game. Thanks, description.

  • frank nielsen
    frank nielsen

    now change difficulty and do it again :D

  • S1XPLAY3RYT 235
    S1XPLAY3RYT 235

    This is like Slenderman but its in high School and the lunch lady as slenderman

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    Dummy thick 😂🤣

  • Vinz

    I'm confused, why is FNAF in the description?

  • Marissa Nee
    Marissa Nee

    If I had a choice to go through this game in real life to get math answers.. Would I? Who am I kidding ofc I fucking would.

  • Louis Southey
    Louis Southey

    sweet vid nogla, keep up the good work! fun fact: this vid was released on my birthday

  • Kyle Salcedo
    Kyle Salcedo


  • A dead person
    A dead person

    Yes this is definitely Five nights at freddys

  • Tiger Olson
    Tiger Olson

    Brock's Scream after he said Oh Crap 7:57 🤣😂🤣

  • Dumb Jay
    Dumb Jay

    I appreciate the use of Ace Attorney OSTs on this video, it's nostalgic 👏

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    this what happened when you get two burgers from the cafeteria instead of one

  • Rem Villiers
    Rem Villiers

    That was very intense

  • King Zephiel
    King Zephiel

    It's unsettling how it's listing the game they're playing here as "Five Nights at Freddy's"

  • Saint RS
    Saint RS

    I rewatch this 4 times this vid is one of the best

  • samir jan faqiri
    samir jan faqiri

    So... multi-player slenderman

  • nost0lgia

    This game is four dollars, it looks really good fr fr-

  • Tepidium

    4 dollars is pretty good for this game

  • Lance Roszak
    Lance Roszak

    ah yes a nice game of five nights at freddy

  • Tetorin SB
    Tetorin SB

    Wait why does the description says five nights at freddys game that’s not right

  • Kelly Lerma
    Kelly Lerma

    It's an obvious ripoff of slender man

  • SuperGamer Hell
    SuperGamer Hell

    The lunch lady’s jumpscare isn’t even scary, it is just plain disgusting

  • Majin Bread
    Majin Bread

    I was a little confused at first when they didn't immediately get mauled, then I realized they weren't using the in game way to speak

  • Jace_The_Mace ©
    Jace_The_Mace ©

    What game is this? I wanna try it.

  • Beer van Buuren
    Beer van Buuren

    10:18 'Cue the inspirational music' *Turns the corner, a monster appears*

  • Matheus Ribas
    Matheus Ribas

    Who is the person with the XQC laugh in this video?

  • Ethan Mcdonald
    Ethan Mcdonald

    Nogla Got a strong beard growing DAMN!! 🤟😁🔥🔥

  • Aaron Revill
    Aaron Revill

    This is better with take out food and this video

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Fangoflegend84

    7:55 best moment in horror game history 😂😂😂

  • bean ت
    bean ت

    I love the editing in this video

  • MaserXIV

    "This game terrified ... I."

  • BraddezzGaming

    I love how it says fnaf in the description

  • J Enlightenment
    J Enlightenment

    Do one with Droidd

  • Levibur _
    Levibur _

    this game is totally "five nights at freddy's"xD

  • MysteriousNinja

    Is slender man coming back?! Let’s goooo

  • Malachi Penalver
    Malachi Penalver

    I've seen 8 but ryan play this

  • Viper パイロット
    Viper パイロット

    You top nogla

  • dhiyanshu j ram
    dhiyanshu j ram

    Anybody notice the book on 8:26 ?

  • Maeva G
    Maeva G