The secret hole Golf It shots will blow your mind...
In today's video, I'm getting bored of normal golf so I'm going to be the best golf trickshotter in the world. This video is proof that I'm a golf trickshotting prodigy.
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  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen

    Telling by the tone and the thumbnail of this video, It’s gonna be insane

    • Zedd

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    • Phàm Tạc Thiên
      Phàm Tạc Thiên

      Chào chú

  • Alam Arauz
    Alam Arauz

    i’ve seen smitty do this course but this was still good and entertaining

  • Renagades

    Seems like nogla has been playing with smity

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    I'm so glad that droidd has been in so many recent videos. The nostalgia really brings me back!

  • JChristian Garcia
    JChristian Garcia

    It's not even a secret holes

  • zJish

    Bo1 looks so old

  • In the Attic
    In the Attic

    Droid as Ryan Miller

  • Saffron Dawn
    Saffron Dawn

    Idea.... get a little drunk and play golf it.

  • von wilhite
    von wilhite

    but pythagorean is geometry 😂

  • Parker Christie
    Parker Christie

    Please more golf it

  • Gilbert Brulé
    Gilbert Brulé

    Editor chooses a sabres goalie😐

  • xoidish

    0:36 are you ok nogla?

  • justin colburn
    justin colburn

    8:30 plus 50 strokes for nogla for cheating

  • Whale Fact Salesman
    Whale Fact Salesman

    Nogla begins to take after smitty I see

  • ataribirb

    Fun fact: Smii7y also played this map

  • cl0utless

    nogla is the new smii7y confirmed?

  • Killer_Kiba

    Let us respect the choice in background music for that oh sweet kirby music

  • Juan si
    Juan si


  • SoIcy Sayiann
    SoIcy Sayiann

    I hate droid

  • Elf of Courage
    Elf of Courage

    Anyone notice the “Viewtiful Joe” theme playing?

  • LordWolf21

    Bro wtf 3:03 night in Germany and there appears and add with a girl which says: “can’t sleep? I will help u to sleep my voice will make u sleep.” I’m skippin the add and after 3 sec realising WTF?! I mean all I need now to sleep is to close my phone xD.

  • Don't question me
    Don't question me

    Does anybody else hear bryan say something different at 9:03?

    • cursedgrits grits
      cursedgrits grits

      Lmao I’m glad I wasn’t the only one but I think that was Brock

  • BigBoy

    I think I had a stroke reading the title

  • Alistair Prado
    Alistair Prado

    The first time i seen a editor talk-back to their employer

  • Kingdiesel Calayag
    Kingdiesel Calayag

    Turn collision off i am sofa king annoyed for some reason

  • Jj Walters
    Jj Walters

    Love you, its great to come back to a IRbinr you haven't watched in a few years to see them still making great content

  • Emperor Nero
    Emperor Nero

    I switched from Moo's video to Dathi's video

  • Joel Reed
    Joel Reed

    I need to see Smii7y vs Nogla golf it trick shots now lmao

  • Mansdidit

    I see the creater changed it a bit

  • anon zezo
    anon zezo

    Finally some good fukn video

  • Mags

    I like how when the editor cut to a goalie they picked a Sabres goalie. ironic because the Sabres can’t stop anything

  • VicZilla24 Dreamer
    VicZilla24 Dreamer

    Maybe he did get it🤔

  • Wyatt Poole
    Wyatt Poole

    Anyone hear anything around 9:00

  • OddWhatAreHax

    I like that droid is back

  • FishyGames96

    this was way too funny

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs


  • sara last
    sara last

    9:05 what song was that

  • sara last
    sara last

    the little flack is so cute

  • Alaqmar Mal
    Alaqmar Mal

    @smii7y's group did it before you guys

  • Kyle Justiniano
    Kyle Justiniano


  • JPSt0kesy

    Nogla said the needle tiger thing because of Wildcats Easter egg steps on Buried

  • Jordan Redd
    Jordan Redd


  • Denis Denis
    Denis Denis

    Brian: "TRIANGLES!!"

  • PureRage217

    Kirby musiccccc

  • Vincrand

    Droidd got silenced.

  • Borrowed Time
    Borrowed Time

    Nogla is in an awfully good mood for having lost 4000$ in pokemon cards.


    Evan is now Ten Dollars Richer

  • J Enlightenment
    J Enlightenment


  • J Enlightenment
    J Enlightenment


  • J Enlightenment
    J Enlightenment


  • Yeet

    1:52 what???

  • Lovely Lovely
    Lovely Lovely

    Did anyone else have an ad about geometry after they were talking about it 😂😭

  • Caleb Sanchez
    Caleb Sanchez

    I have laughed so hard in this video my little sisters needed to make sure I was okay XD

  • Razorlee

    It's good to see silentdroidd again.

  • Dan Zahlhas
    Dan Zahlhas

    As a Sabres fan, I was surprised to see a picture of Ryan Miller in a Nogla video lol

  • step bro
    step bro

    needle of the tiger so inspiring

  • Mathias Pilich
    Mathias Pilich

    Finally some new golf content🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jesse Bushnell
    Jesse Bushnell

    We haven’t seen Droid in quite a long time, only to lose him just as fast to a shitty internet connection.

  • Ellis Hayne
    Ellis Hayne

    Imagine if Nogla invited Jiggly, the rage level would have multiplied by a 1,000%

  • Dhaniel

    Droid Ultimate golf champion.

  • It Is Me / Josshy Unionist
    It Is Me / Josshy Unionist

    I Seen Bigjigglypanda played this so your outdated nogla

  • Milán Álvarez Elvira
    Milán Álvarez Elvira

    Ah, but can you pass smiity?

  • Lachlan Dickson
    Lachlan Dickson

    9:00 no one else heard brock say the n word when recreating nogla

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • John Bush
    John Bush

    Silentdroid. A flash from the past..

  • demonfox51321

    I was happy that you guys were playing with droidd lol

  • nasir McGill
    nasir McGill

    Lol XD

  • Moses M
    Moses M

    I joined golf and it's a bit more than swinging a club and hitting a ball on the ground

  • Giovanni Monrreal
    Giovanni Monrreal

    Yes droid is in this game!!!! Love that he’s back!!!

  • Lenninho

    brock saying pythagorean theorem isn’t geometry has got to be the most idiotic thing anyone of them have said ever

  • Thies Gerdsen
    Thies Gerdsen

    Nogla just did smii7n‘s role in this video

  • XIV

    As you can see from this video, SMII7Y really did managed to make the longest golf it video.

  • John Landry
    John Landry

    9:00 if you listen VERY closely you can hear the West African man with a Burger King crown

  • Nomenome


  • Tough AF
    Tough AF

    You say 10$ if u hit the left hole

  • Go Away
    Go Away

    Nicely done Mate and I just finished watching your gta stream. Both were great. Thank you and take care of yourself and your family please, Mate

  • Fool's Requiem
    Fool's Requiem

    Nothin but net.

  • Raphael Asuncion
    Raphael Asuncion

    Hey nogla, someone on tiktok was opening rarest Pokémon cards

  • Ricardo Lazalde
    Ricardo Lazalde

    Droidd has Magdonas Internet

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    "Eye through the needle of the tiger" I need that to be on a shirt and sold as merch pls

  • Tarkyn Thompson
    Tarkyn Thompson

    Your editor deserves a raise Daithi

  • Rescultir

    awwwwww yea, love me some kirby.

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    5:25 the edit was great lmaooooo

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    Ah Nogla the greatest golfer for the LA lakers

  • J Blay
    J Blay

    I loved how in the second hole the editor made it seem like it was one go but it was the 3 combined, you deserve a raise

  • Neil Magsino
    Neil Magsino

    All the quotes from this video is quite inspirational. lol

  • Stew Art
    Stew Art


  • Do Bap
    Do Bap

    1:00 lol a good goalie on the Sabres 😂

  • VaguePHU

    Petition for uncut gems of a session of Golf it

  • Walter Shoup
    Walter Shoup

    Says secret hole by my mind says secret tunnel.

  • Recluse

    Today i have learned that you can thread the needle of the eye of the tiger🤣🤣🤣

  • Nicholas Hayes
    Nicholas Hayes

    Nice Video

  • Miguel Recto
    Miguel Recto

    Balling like an athlete but got no jumper

  • Loche Viel
    Loche Viel

    We need proof that he gave the 10$

  • Loche Viel
    Loche Viel

    Droid is back

  • Miguel Recto
    Miguel Recto

    Anakin, start panakin, I don’t have a plan again

  • Miguel Recto
    Miguel Recto


  • ExPo_Itachi

    I love when droid is in the videos

  • Tribal Wolf
    Tribal Wolf

    Ah yes Cockatoos is back

  • Mr LoudBass
    Mr LoudBass

    Holy shit this has been in your vault for a while, guarenteed sitting on this footage for half a year