The boys are back in modern warfare...
In today's video, we come back to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare to show everyone whos boss.
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  • Daithi De Nogla
    Daithi De Nogla

    We are back folks P.S. Acting up with the thumbnail etc

    • Tisa Debrosse
      Tisa Debrosse

      @Walker Ignacio Yup, been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Walker Ignacio
      Walker Ignacio

      a trick : watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

    • Gowtham Gowtham
      Gowtham Gowtham

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    • CatzBestFriend

      More please

    • imanol cruz
      imanol cruz

      @Epyonwings damn was good while it lasted not that it mattered

  • Devin Camara
    Devin Camara


  • Ashaun Frazier
    Ashaun Frazier

    The mortal kombat edit 👌👌

  • tukamoton1312

    Gotta hate IRbinrs and streamers. They are extremely toxic in the name of revenue. Special place in hell for those who find joy in making others mad 😊

  • gamer boy Stewart
    gamer boy Stewart

    i got the arthur morgan referance

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos

    I miss those videos

  • james Kimball
    james Kimball

    CLAPZ that name sounds familiar to me

  • Lwbees

    Never underestimate the guy in a corner with a riot shield.....truer words have never been spoken

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose


  • staticshock66

    the graphics look a lil bit different

  • Satx._gavin X
    Satx._gavin X

    Yesss for once it’s not Among us

  • FunnyBones

    I’m confused about the prestige leveling system or the icon that he has because for me i see the default military modern warfare icon. is it because he has cold war that he has that leveling up icon or what? example: 3:23

  • Josiah Ernst
    Josiah Ernst

    Please keep this editor

  • Ethan Westbrook
    Ethan Westbrook

    try me bitch is my favorite part

  • VicKillEm ?
    VicKillEm ?

    It makes me happy knowing the Bois still play this game....cuz I also play this game hell yeah I even 360 no scoped a gal in a 1v1 and got accused of hacking for using my root shield and knife.....amazing in it?

  • Mondo Cabazo
    Mondo Cabazo

    Cold War trash

  • Rocky Smith
    Rocky Smith

    That was fecking gold, the whole lot of it. Lobbies, memes, oh my goodness I was just waiting fr doritos, dew, snoop, and illuminati pyramids to fly. Among everything else of course. Grand, just a good session with the bois.

  • Alien

    I love the spy cry in the background.

  • Xavier Webb
    Xavier Webb

    Kirby dreamland music

  • Elyjah Weissich
    Elyjah Weissich

    The dudes complaining about a smoke sounded like XBOX 360 cod kids

  • Cristian Velazquez
    Cristian Velazquez

    We want cold war

  • Granny Grams
    Granny Grams

    We needs more Cod vids there hilarious

  • Niko Butler
    Niko Butler

    Super funny! We need more!

  • Frank Toth
    Frank Toth

    Nogla u might need to turn up the render resolution. Video very blurry.

  • Frosty Animsッ
    Frosty Animsッ

    shoulda made nogla a ninja for the thumbnail

  • five7672 -f25
    five7672 -f25

    There’s a glitch in Modern warfare with the shotgun the model where you have one hand holding it do you want to know about it

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones

    I think the baby has taken all of Nogla's crackhead energy. XD

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    I paid for the game beat come back ever nogla

  • Brooke Woods
    Brooke Woods

    I would love to play some call of duty with you guys 🤣.

  • Oneil Basdeo
    Oneil Basdeo

    Day 3 off asking nogla to heart my comment

  • Daniel Cisneros
    Daniel Cisneros

    i hate your editor

  • XxJuzzixX _42
    XxJuzzixX _42

    I miss cod :((

  • Charles Lopez
    Charles Lopez

    Y are yal not playing cold war

  • CrypticAcon

    No one can take the place of Pepito.

  • Fabian A
    Fabian A

    I liked the video

  • Xiketicblack

    i’ve been waiting for this

  • qPsychoo_

    0:44 'your aim's shit' lol

  • laitis vi
    laitis vi

    This kind of toxic content sucks. Literal bullying.

    • Angelina

      It's cod. Get over it

  • Classified Homie
    Classified Homie

    4:55 best edit ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • AyiyiLoveYou

    someone find Phill’s youtube.

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira

    Nogla com você colocar smg com escudo poderia me explica como colocar

  • InfernoPoop

    I just started learning mouse and keyboard and im a potato

  • oTaki

    Where MLG JIM?

  • Wiingz

    Wait... Bingo goes the weasel??? He definitely didn't day that 😂😂

  • Opie

    Miss these videos lol

  • Matthew Stevens
    Matthew Stevens

    Can I be one of your thumbnail artist

  • Old Neek
    Old Neek

    That snake dying sound effect cracks me up every time🤣

  • Sethan Dotts
    Sethan Dotts

    Cold war is better

  • Daniel_ H04
    Daniel_ H04

    Nogla’s cod content is like no other

  • Plaguey Wagey
    Plaguey Wagey

    Pretty pog

  • Samarth

    Man ur videos always make me laugh Pls someone teach me how to sound like Nogla

  • Shameless LEGEND
    Shameless LEGEND

    Great thumbnail, possibly best of 2021

  • Vlad The Evil Cat
    Vlad The Evil Cat

    Damn nogla! Thems is some sick plays bro!

  • Parzivus Official
    Parzivus Official

    Deja Vu?

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 1

    Very Nice!

  • Nathaniel Malcolm
    Nathaniel Malcolm

    Guess who's back? Back again? *Daithi's back........ with his friends.* Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back.....

  • Hamilton Jan Lapinig
    Hamilton Jan Lapinig

    dude you did have a thumbnail on this vid

  • Asura 2002
    Asura 2002

    Audio is low and thumbnail is grey

  • DaBaby Convertible
    DaBaby Convertible

    Less gooo

  • RuthlessXD

    This video has a nice thumbnail.

    • J3sus Cube: /
      J3sus Cube: /

      Use to have one took it down

  • Brycen Harris
    Brycen Harris

    Day 5 waiting for nogla to heart my comment

  • Karl Isaac Abad
    Karl Isaac Abad

    Claim your "Here before the thumbnail" ticket

  • SirPotatorito


  • -Alpha_zero-

    0:46 that autotune doo be workin

  • Superghost48

    Was posted over 11 hours ago and still no thumbnail jeez dude ye be slackin

  • Herpsareawesome

    Da riot shield of destiny

  • Pookie

    as much as i hated mw, the game still has a part of my heart, Coldwar is just

  • KoalaTea Guy
    KoalaTea Guy

    I've missed this 😂

  • Space Paincake
    Space Paincake

    3:12 i cant tell if those "your" typos where on purpose to mock the dude

  • its_me112

    if only we knew what he said.🥺

  • Bloodbro3223 Tv
    Bloodbro3223 Tv

    Yessir more cod

  • Lithiumツ


  • Lithiumツ

    0:11 ayo? Don’t get cancelled now buckaroo

  • Jr. Clapzツ
    Jr. Clapzツ

    yo that clapz dude was hilarious u should ya know be friends with him

  • Whatever -
    Whatever -

    When you so early that the vid ain’t got no thumbnail (Edit) ok I just scrolled down and there are like 15 comments saying this😑

  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    Bruh is Cold War that bad? I didn’t get it but all the ppl I watch posted like one vid of Cold War and went back on mw lol

  • Danny Nambo
    Danny Nambo

    About to time lol time to let among us go

  • Haydn Llewellyn
    Haydn Llewellyn

    A no thumbnail video got more views than a Pokemon video in 8 hours. Gonna stop yet?

  • mark lmao
    mark lmao

    Plsss do another ninja defuse plsss notice me

  • Lord Kallo Gaming
    Lord Kallo Gaming

    Again, Nogla. You think you can slip in that Ape Escape 3 music without me noticing. Tsk tsk.

  • Carver Woods
    Carver Woods

    I’m so early the thumbnail hasn’t even been made yet....

  • SaiPan. Dexterシ︎
    SaiPan. Dexterシ︎

    *Nogla ia the most content warier ever like that last pokemon vid*

  • Victor Fusion
    Victor Fusion

    Nice thumbnail

  • BurritoMuncher556

    turn up ur render res pls ur game looks like poo

  • potato is here
    potato is here

    nice thumbnail (P.S, where do we access the members only discord? i dont see it appearing in my connections tab)

  • Ram Boi
    Ram Boi

    One of the best thumbnails I have ever seen...

  • raze chow
    raze chow

    This reminds me of black ops 3 zombie on my radar

  • Jonah Kentwell
    Jonah Kentwell

    howdy nogla

  • masizuni kai
    masizuni kai

    no thumbnail huh

  • Leyton V.
    Leyton V.

    When you’re 6 hours late and there still is no thumbnail

  • Miguel Recto
    Miguel Recto

    That fire kills gotta be a warcrime

  • Miguel Recto
    Miguel Recto

    Combat knife to the knee

  • James k
    James k

    was nogla always this bad at COD? lol

  • ToastMasterAj420

    No thumbnail?

  • Jack Herold
    Jack Herold


  • You Me
    You Me

    this where i know nogla and the crew from. funniest video by far

  • Robert Bland
    Robert Bland

    Yess!! Missed these!!!

  • lakerballer00

    Nice to see Nogla playing with the group instead of opening Pokémon cards in discord

  • Charles Abriz
    Charles Abriz

    i like how that one guy complains about them using a smoke. he's mad like its "pot of greed" banned.