Terroriser watched me choke and loved every second of it...
In today's video, I realized Terroriser was never my friend all along. All he wanted was to make me choke in Golf It and steal the victory from me.
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  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki

    This is probably Nogla's favorite video because of the noise compilation at the end😂😋

  • Lily Sumner
    Lily Sumner

    Dead dog

  • DrekonCHAOS


  • the idiot behind the slaughter
    the idiot behind the slaughter

    Me choking on my coco mixed with coffee when I see the tile👁️👄👁️☕👋😌

  • Chaos productions
    Chaos productions

    Has anyone noticed Brock and Brian sound the same kind of for their voices

  • Daniel Byrd
    Daniel Byrd

    And soundboard bully mode engaged

  • Ari wahyu
    Ari wahyu

    12:22 The sound of hell

  • Beviwa Phillips
    Beviwa Phillips

    The ending- its like the fuckin hub but youtube


    Annnndddddd am from India😊

  • ShagyJay

    That's the best bonus clip ever I want to see this more often

  • Bradley TheBodyCount29 Adshead
    Bradley TheBodyCount29 Adshead

    The editors are the real hero's

  • dev prokash sikder
    dev prokash sikder

    Hii Nogla...thanks for using our flag🇮🇳🇮🇳. You are a great content creator and a awesome man & also I'm your big fan. Lots of love from INDIA♥️

  • Ace_FTR

    That’s what she said

  • Eggplant Man
    Eggplant Man

    9:18 that laugh is going to haunt my dreams

  • Eggplant Man
    Eggplant Man

    7:33 me watching a ball in golf just waiting

  • Nonna of Pravda Girls High
    Nonna of Pravda Girls High

    Someone Get Brain to Make Music Using The Sound Collab at The End of This Video I Would Pay Money to Hear It

  • El Niño
    El Niño

    9:40 Brian: the people in the comment section typing F. Brian past streams: what does the F stands for?? *MEMBERS ONLY* Me: GGS

  • AgeofJP

    the mouse.png was my mouse...somehow that makes me special

  • Emiliano Diaz
    Emiliano Diaz

    at 13:12 terroriser just moaned to Brock💀

  • Lady Setsuna
    Lady Setsuna

    Just watch the Bonus Clips without looking at the video...makes it sound so much more like a p*rnhub clip. XD

  • Spencer Northington
    Spencer Northington

    Mom dad are you okay in there 12:18

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas

    1:39 why thank you nogla for picking my home

  • KdogPrime

    2:20 Brock's rage eyeballs through the shades always makes me laugh.

  • Nico S.
    Nico S.

    Just close your eyes at the bonus clip and enjoy

  • Kre7tic

    Lets go india

  • SmileF0rce

    Can we just have a while video that's nothing but weird noises?

  • SirPotatorito


  • Razor Phantom
    Razor Phantom

    Brian: “YYYYOOOUUUUUU” Nogla and Evan: “...soulja boy tell em”

  • Jeffrey Heidenreich
    Jeffrey Heidenreich

    compilation was the best, sounded like you guys were fucking lol

  • Link

    Can't wait to red the fan fiction :D

  • Gabrielle Roper
    Gabrielle Roper

    9:44 ( ノᴗ_ᴗ )ノFFFFF

  • Kvalun

    we need a compilation of nogla best noises 2020

  • jcech73

    That noise compilation was epic

  • Creedon Rogers
    Creedon Rogers

    F in the chat

  • Jenn Garcia
    Jenn Garcia

    what happened to amoogus

  • StratOFerus

    Gotta give Nogla a thumbs up for the Ace Attorney OST in the background.

  • BlackRose

    Those grunts at the end were just fantastic

  • Gamedroid13

    Best bonus clip ever!

  • Bern baby Bern
    Bern baby Bern

    Is it just me and I'm adjusting or is nogla's accent not as heavy as before?

  • Benjamin Graham
    Benjamin Graham

    The editing is on point well done editor 😅😂

  • Starhunter1975

    WTF did I just listen too. The bonus section was so wrong but so funny.

  • joeski #sJki
    joeski #sJki

    12:25 The moaning part is funny 😂🤣 i was thinking who fucking who lol 😆

  • gear karma
    gear karma

    this is my friend nogla he's already taken and he's cracked at golf it my guy (M O A N )

  • Craw

    Nogla. Please share a drink or smt with the editors. They did an amazing job

  • Cody Demois
    Cody Demois

    just listen to the noises with your eyes closed so fuked

  • Oobie Therealoobie
    Oobie Therealoobie

    I love this

  • BONEtheDON

    Lmfao, the end... comedy!

  • 김치

    Judging from the title someones been on wattpad💀😂

  • Tiviyan Mahen
    Tiviyan Mahen

    I really miss the old Minecraft videos

  • MarioKart94

    Editer needs a raise

  • Joshua Burgos
    Joshua Burgos

    at 12:48 killed me.

  • lanieia Johnson
    lanieia Johnson


  • Ashley Correa
    Ashley Correa

    Definitely should have had a disclaimer for the bonus clips. Nothing is more awkward than being at work with your volume at 100% and they are all moaning. 🤣

  • GrimReaper 199
    GrimReaper 199


  • Kryptic Gaming
    Kryptic Gaming

    Oh that compilation o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

  • Pico

    This all sounds like a fanfic ever thought about being a voice acter nogla

  • Danny Impero
    Danny Impero

    Yes love theses videos

  • FewApples

    13:30 that’s what she said 😂😂😂

  • Kyra Basket Case
    Kyra Basket Case



    I thought I wanted to hear the random noises but after hearing them I get weirdly uncomfortable

  • AnimeOtaku64

    Can anybody listen to the bonus clip with their eyes closed and not think of something dirty?

  • gekkokkid

    the bonus clip sounded so wrong lol


    in the bonus clip they sound like angry chinese men

  • Connie Connie
    Connie Connie


  • Shrkkng55

    Close your eyes for the bonus clip.

  • Jessie Jessie
    Jessie Jessie

    The fact the majority of the random noises are coming from Nogla 🤣 (Terroriser coming in second for most random noises)

  • Gavin

    We need more golf in our life nogla

  • Halfcraft

    Is the happy gilmore clip not copyrighted?

  • Kostas Karastamatis
    Kostas Karastamatis

    You have the Greek flag aw man I can't even get it

  • Gamerdweeb Entertainment
    Gamerdweeb Entertainment

    That's just easy map :)

  • Rage the Elite Echidna
    Rage the Elite Echidna

    What a way to start with a Happy Gilmore reference

  • _ DarkKnighT_
    _ DarkKnighT_

    I liked the video when i saw the flag India 🇮🇳 ❤️ Love from INDIA 🇮🇳

  • annie kovitz
    annie kovitz

    Is that hard enough? That’s what she said

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage

    Ayo pause

    • 21 Cabbage
      21 Cabbage

      Post a game of you playin w it marksman

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • T T B
    T T B

    Bonus clips: When she tells u that u need to make noise in bed

  • Brodie Man
    Brodie Man

    Personal favorite part... the bonus clip

  • aditya V
    aditya V

    Im so happy he picked the india flag

  • Mr. Gupta
    Mr. Gupta

    Lmao I just read the title a 2nd time and realized why everyone liked it so much.

  • El


  • Rika

    The bonus clip should make this video 18+

  • Keenan Reaper
    Keenan Reaper

    12:17 just close your eyes and let your imagination go wild lol

  • BigBy

    Yeeeesssss bringing back the old games 🥰😂

  • IG

    0:01 Oh my , Greece .

  • Bigg Tater
    Bigg Tater

    Editor was on point.

  • Valashar

    The entire match in one bonus clip of near O faces and a 'lost by one point' ^_^

  • Comic book Gaming
    Comic book Gaming


  • Kirsty Macdonald
    Kirsty Macdonald

    That ending was perfect

  • Ahmad Baihaqi
    Ahmad Baihaqi

    What OST is it that started at 9:57? Been looking for it forever. Sounded like a classic game OST.

  • Kosa x Whis
    Kosa x Whis

    Bruh that last compilation broken

  • Imcookinsumramen


  • Eli Lazari
    Eli Lazari

    I didn't expect that bonus clip could be that entertaining

  • Amira

    God bless Nogla's editor xD

  • HeroOfTime

    The editor is Aliyah?

  • Ayush Pant
    Ayush Pant

    Yup our flags are quite similar Nogla😂 But the difference between our countries is quite high...

  • Kimmy Zomi
    Kimmy Zomi

    I cant emphasise how much I LOVE THE BONUS 🤣👌🏼

  • faizan ahammed
    faizan ahammed

    😂Don't listen to the bonus clips without headphones 😂😂

  • Ice_borne 25
    Ice_borne 25

    Amazing editing as always!

  • Ralphy H
    Ralphy H

    Editor deserves a raise🤌🏽💰💚

  • Julian Specht
    Julian Specht

    4:03 Nice rat movie nod