Pokemon Among Us Mod but we totally broke it...
Pokemon? Among Us? Mod? Yay!
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  • Elijah Farmer
    Elijah Farmer

    I love how he just said “goodbye internet” on his Twitter after his stream crashed

    • Elijah Farmer
      Elijah Farmer

      @Eli Smith hey man😂

    • Eli Smith
      Eli Smith

      Hey I was there with you when his stream crashed I remember your name.

    • Julius Whisenant
      Julius Whisenant

      y e s

    • Jo Jo
      Jo Jo

      Everyone ignore this axxl bot spamming.

    • Anonymous Ina
      Anonymous Ina

      @AxxL famous... huh?

  • SPIDEY DaRealOne
    SPIDEY DaRealOne

    Pokemon Emerald the BEST

  • Paz

    2:44 don’t think that’s Scotty lol.

  • bradley Ross
    bradley Ross

    y’all really running out of ideas😭

  • jinkin 90
    jinkin 90

    Charmander i use you... LOL

  • CJ Arndorfer
    CJ Arndorfer

    Who's that pokemon? It's Nogla! "Hey guys it's dathi here"

  • Dj Rush
    Dj Rush

    Wow it slateport city

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • The Blazin Braixen
    The Blazin Braixen

    Actually mewtwo broke some pokeballs

  • Not Turks
    Not Turks

    Pikmin 4 is great let's go altrive

  • ri chi
    ri chi

    Aahhhhh the mod we all needed so badly

  • creepyricky

    Want more broken!

  • Kiernan Fay
    Kiernan Fay

    Daithi De Bulbla

  • Inferno Flames
    Inferno Flames

    No nogla, im the boobasaur

  • aTROLLwithBlades

    I liked the idea, loved the animations.

  • Lukas Berman
    Lukas Berman

    What original fans want to do to all the stupid newer Pokémon.

  • Lukas Berman
    Lukas Berman

    Would have been a better update to pokemon then all the stuff that came after original.

  • Elias

    i like that the f*cking stuff in pokemon

  • Brian McClenahan
    Brian McClenahan

    Who'sthat Pokémon? NOGLASAUR!!!!

  • xXDJ_PariahWolfXx

    Guys I found a noglasaur

  • NeonLD2

    Nogla: why can't I see crap? Brian: cuz the mod is fu**** Me: actually crewmate vision is 0.5x so that's obviously why you can't see.

  • NeonLD2

    Who's that pokémon? It's Nogla when he can't get pokémon cards!

  • Austyn Treis
    Austyn Treis

    Play pixelmon

  • Dave Garcia
    Dave Garcia

    When you know the map creator was a big fan of gen three 😌

  • Aer

    is it bad that i know theyre in slateport from pokemon ruby/sapphire/emerald?

  • Element Ninja
    Element Ninja

    You know I love this mod cause I always come here on Pokémon emerald

  • KiraComments-CHCA

    I swear, men break everything...

  • Adrian Torgersen
    Adrian Torgersen

    Like before watching, always

  • Carver Woods
    Carver Woods

    I love how their Among Us are always extremely broken, cause whenever I watch Ssundees Among Us mods they work flawlessly.....

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Anthony kinne
    Anthony kinne

    Scotty loves to bitch about mods he didn't pay 4

  • Wkkq Ew,qaver
    Wkkq Ew,qaver


  • Butterwolfie Ch.
    Butterwolfie Ch.


  • Sir Fuckalot
    Sir Fuckalot


  • PogCHAMP

    Stream binding of isaac again pls


    I love how they were all mad at Nogla for opening pokemon cards but now everyone suddenly is happy to play a pokemon mod😂😂😂

  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh

    Bro you are going to be dad how many years did I miss?

  • Rich Dick
    Rich Dick

    Ahhhh another great video to jus kick back to....

  • HS boohoo
    HS boohoo

    Gen 3 map

  • Glitchy

    Among us mod where we play normal among us

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    This mod was made so Nogla wouldn't lose his attention to the game & open cards.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    Noglasaur is BLURSED

  • Rudyx115

    That bulbanoglasaur was a shiny lmao that sound was hilarious🤣

  • Ellis Hayne
    Ellis Hayne

    If only that Bulbasaur actually existed, I'd buy it.

  • Enøl_我


  • real name
    real name

    They used brine instead of Scott 2:43

  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    I didn’t know terrorizer was voiced by 407

  • Alex Eggmolesse
    Alex Eggmolesse

    Boy that's onion turtle

  • PDM3 47
    PDM3 47

    Hidden masters?

  • Bradach80

    wild arms ost nice choice 1:07


    I'm guessing the others gave up and left

  • Melody Arreola
    Melody Arreola

    Im actually really into this if it works well

  • ty Gordon
    ty Gordon

    play citieskline and sim 4 plz im 11 and im big fan

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    10:00 Nothing to see hear Just some grown men roleplaying as Pokémon

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    That intro caught me off guard lmaooooo Reminded me of the Mutated pokemon that kept killing themselves or asking to be killed from the youtube dorkly animations 😂😂😂

  • Edgy WRLD
    Edgy WRLD

    anyone else realize the music is from Goemon Great Adventure's?

  • Masked gamer 9909
    Masked gamer 9909

    I heard starter pokemon pikmin I would like to see that

  • Cyphen Rozulus
    Cyphen Rozulus

    What really happens to missing pokémon

  • Syed Atta ur Rehaman
    Syed Atta ur Rehaman


  • shayne westmoreland
    shayne westmoreland

    Scotty was talking and Brian's cartoon guy was on screen :// That was a little awkward to watch lol

  • Halil Halilibram
    Halil Halilibram

    2:44 thats terroiser Not Scotty

  • Mr Toast
    Mr Toast

    I love this vid man another nice vid from ma man nogla

  • Duper Derp
    Duper Derp

    Well, I mean Slateport City in the games is actually pretty big when ya think about it

  • Nosirrag Gaming
    Nosirrag Gaming

    I want this mod. My guys would love this so much. Really hope this becomes open to everyone.

  • terry nash
    terry nash

    Will we ever see you play temtem it’s so much harder than Pokémon :)

  • Hello my name is Christian xD
    Hello my name is Christian xD

    Hmm I wonder why did he pick a pokemon mod other than many mods out there hmm, nah maybe just a coincidence.

  • NoTactGaming

    Too bad it wasn't a Cyberpunk Mod, would've been accurate

  • Axolotl_Rulez

    It’s about time!!! 😄

  • The Process 676
    The Process 676

    My dumb head said squirrel smh

  • Skyline GTR34
    Skyline GTR34

    That Slateport City map is FUCKING SICK

  • Fabian Montelongo
    Fabian Montelongo

    2:42 Um Mr. Noglas editor sir that wasn't Brian who said that

  • Nelle Woodruff
    Nelle Woodruff

    Imposter Oak confirmed

  • Admir D.
    Admir D.

    They used gen 3 baby! I'm pretty sure it's Staleport?

  • Jordan Logan
    Jordan Logan

    Honestly out of all the absolutely beyond broken mods “daithi de gobshite” has made this one has to be the closest thing to a among us mod equivalent to cyberpunk 2077.

  • JustTiger

    The first image is going to give me nightmares

  • Snoxw

    Scotty is Brian now? 😭

  • Randall Carroll
    Randall Carroll

    I had been calling this and knew it would happen lol

  • PrinceKein27

    you should fix this and mix it with Town of Us mods and let the glitch and other killers fight.. lol

  • MEB 1997
    MEB 1997

    I love the broken mods. They are so funny to watch people try to play.

  • JED4prez

    Yay!!!! Amoungus with the BOYZ...im so happy :')

  • DatShadowWolf


  • Joshua Jacobs
    Joshua Jacobs

    RIP Diana Perez

  • Weird& Gilly
    Weird& Gilly

    i feel like nurse joy or officer jenny may be replicants and thats just an unspoken meta of the pokemon world

  • Leo Hunter
    Leo Hunter

    I love how in the first session Brian said "I love Mondays" probably cause of Noglas scuffed mods he keeps buying

  • Ice Kyle
    Ice Kyle

    Who is Pikmin 4? And a couple others

  • Fuchee Xiong
    Fuchee Xiong

    I love how you guys picked this pokemon map too idk I used to play Ruby old version

  • Whoa Kiddy
    Whoa Kiddy

    I love watching this while I work at my bank

  • Whoa Kiddy
    Whoa Kiddy


  • Beast_gaming

    2:43 wrong guy 😂


    “Watch out for the porkamon”

  • UnknownZest _HT
    UnknownZest _HT

    Isn’t Ash Ketchum not ketchup

  • Ryan Rizzo
    Ryan Rizzo

    Okay, but why did i actually think noglasaur at the beginning of the video?

  • amelia !
    amelia !

    2:44 i think the editor got a bit confused - but they’ve got the spirit.

  • Ercnard Sieghart
    Ercnard Sieghart

    "I'm in the tall grass, so watch out for the Porkemon" If you know the classic

  • Isaiah Cooper
    Isaiah Cooper

    They should catch the crewmate like a pokemon, then send it out for 1 kill then it dies

  • DairoZ

    The Mod is so broken, halfway threw it changes the people that nogla was playing with lol


    if you read this comment you just wasted your time :>

  • Rose's Zen Garden
    Rose's Zen Garden

    the reason you couldnt see shit during the comms broke round is cause crewmate vision was only 0.5x.....

  • Kraz.e kraz
    Kraz.e kraz

    Hey buddy 😁👋

  • Rajko Landon
    Rajko Landon

    Please nogla, please no more among us. Its not fun anymore