My lost $4000 Pokemon packs story with Wildcat...
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In today's video, I tell Wildcat and fourzer0seven a heart-wrenching story about a man who unfortunately lost $4,000, for making the mistake of not double checking his belongings before leaving a plane. This is my Pokemon Story...
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  • Daithi De Nogla
    Daithi De Nogla

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    • Monkey Man
      Monkey Man


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      LtProWolf f


    • KLauz

      @LtProWolf f you weren’t first

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia

      Play rust again plz

  • dock leaves
    dock leaves

    Lets get rid of british airways and their whole staff

  • Aaron Lantrip
    Aaron Lantrip

    Nogla you got a serious Pokemon card problem man

  • ShadowHunter

    Where do you buy your pokemon cards

  • DearMrFear

    Nogla i normally just laugh my ass off over the dumbest moments from what you said or do but this time hearing you losing a $4,000 worth of pokemon card that you left behind on the why do you do things and be you at those moments you idiots

  • Jonathon Davis
    Jonathon Davis



    It's just cardboard man

  • Hat trick
    Hat trick

    POV: you only came for the story and then left

  • Sam Fitzell
    Sam Fitzell

    I'm so angry 🤣

  • rusted reaper
    rusted reaper

    Nogla just one question, why are you the way you are 🤦

  • Fraught Relic758
    Fraught Relic758

    I hate that they have Enlisted on the regular xbox one consoles, but it isn't even playable, you have to get a new console to play it, like, why do you even have it on there, if you can't even play it. They should at least wait a year or two before making the games only playable on new consoles, because not everyone has $500-$600 for a new console.

  • My Gushers
    My Gushers

    Press F to pay respect to $4000 lost

  • Corey Martinez
    Corey Martinez

    I downloaded it

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo

    If you don't learn your lesson as to only open them at home where you remember them then you should change your real name to Nogla on your id.

  • king faded
    king faded

    U need help

  • King Of Destruction 671
    King Of Destruction 671

    You are Irish you need to go to AA meeting the Pokémon you lost $4000 I’ll Pokémon cards you need to go to AA meeting man you got a problem

  • Freedom2731

    Talking about Pokemon whilst having a digimon game ost playing in the background 😂

  • Alex Paltie
    Alex Paltie

    I'm sorry for your loss for your Pokémon cards! $4,000 of Pokémon cards down the drain! Oof! It is a darn shame that's $4,000 dollars could have invest in something else other than Pokémon cards. At least they didn't take your switch so be thankful.

  • David Castellanos
    David Castellanos

    4000 dollars, that’s like 3 Stimmy checks. Man I sure wish I had that type of money to throw around at charizards

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Sir Blue Pandarushi
    Sir Blue Pandarushi

    Aight I’m dumpster diving

  • Tom Pappas
    Tom Pappas

    You’re killing me nogla you’re fucking killing me nooooooo

  • J - J
    J - J

    That story has big oof energy

  • The Brave Gamer
    The Brave Gamer

    Damn nogla I feel bad for ye but that game is insane too bad I cant play it cuz I got not serie x or s only the normal xbox 1

  • Peppermint

    Love the Digimon music in the beginning of the gameplay

  • Warpare

    Damn dude... I’m so sorry.. can I get free robux

  • Travis grimes
    Travis grimes

    how long do i have to wait mate

  • Travis grimes
    Travis grimes

    how long do i have to wait mate

  • Some One
    Some One

    This new modern warfare engine looking kinda weird

  • That GamerGuy
    That GamerGuy

    Honestly after seeing this you guys would love battlefield 4 but it only has about 1000 daily players nowadays on a busy day So maybe battlefield 6 when it comes out would be a better suggestion

  • GoldenMarky

    Would have given it a try if my laptop wasnt stolen

  • everything.ok

    I'm screaming.... 4k in cards?!

  • ReDMan 2007
    ReDMan 2007

    Did the people that made Cuisine royale make this game?

  • CyberKnight_Miky

    Long story short: Don't open vintage Pokémon cards and putting them in a ziplock bag in the Airplane, because you Will forget them. Put them in a backpack, pursebag or handbag which is better

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose


  • Violet

    Someone gonna be dumpster diving tonight

  • David Naula
    David Naula

    I can relate I lost my Nintendo 3Ds on the airplane and I put it in the pocket!😪

  • Acer Carter
    Acer Carter

    Nogla forgets 4K worth of cards and I’m here making sure I remember to get my free refill at Subway

  • Thtoneguy2334

    ALSO ENOUGH OF THE POKEMON MAN, BE happy because most of us can't afford pokemon cards.

  • Battle Droid
    Battle Droid

    You guys playing mw today?

  • NewSallyPurpleYT : :
    NewSallyPurpleYT : :

    Cool vid.

  • Valiant MA
    Valiant MA

    The goldeneye audio underlay while in the tank is brilliant

  • Shay

    I did enjoy 😁

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas

    scotty was there too

  • Namon. Ster
    Namon. Ster

    We know Nogla lost the value of money when he casually put 4000+ USD on the back of a plane seat instead of a bag. I would even dare to put my tissues there

  • Capate, Neru Jude P. _Mango
    Capate, Neru Jude P. _Mango

    Yo wtf people lets report those who keeps spamming adult p**n stuff in the comments comments. Nogla doesn't deserve this being done to him

  • ChaosMiles07

    I'm certain Aliyah appreciates this...

  • Greg MFM
    Greg MFM

    I’m crying

  • SasquatchRedman

    i came for the Pokemon story, i wasnt disappointed

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    good luck the folk in Britain dumpster diving cause they're will be fortune

  • fufufuaru

    1:52 LMFAO

  • Nubia Diaz-Ybarra
    Nubia Diaz-Ybarra


  • Travibetes

    Nogla, can we please hang out so your energy can rub off on me? I need that positive energy you got

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    I have enlisted but it doesn’t work for my xbox 😭

  • Alberto Villarreal Jr.
    Alberto Villarreal Jr.

    Nogla if I found those packs at my local card store I’ll totally buy those packs and send them to u

  • sean salvaggio
    sean salvaggio

    It’s a puma armored scouting vehicle! Not a tank! Lolz

  • Hi It's me
    Hi It's me

    This game was fun you should play more nogla


    Yo. @enlisted , you should release it on ps4 because I’m broke

  • YunuyFx

    Everyone in the vicinity of London Heathrow is now searching for Pokémon cards in dumpsters.


    I’m happy it happened to you so you can learn that you have an issue nogla you have a serious problem

  • iRobotic Gaming
    iRobotic Gaming

    well dumpsters are where Pokemon belongs, but at least we get your endearing content about your obsession lol

  • Jaxson Simpson
    Jaxson Simpson

    What about ps4

  • Leopard 2a7
    Leopard 2a7


  • Space inkling [Spacie]
    Space inkling [Spacie]

    The goal of nogla and its pokemon cards is to get the charizard that he bend one time and it will be over

  • ItsJkc


  • Sir Shirley
    Sir Shirley

    hmm welp judging by the text they use in game this game is made by the same people who made cuisine royale (CRSED: F.O.A.D. is its new official name for it)

  • Dawnelldo2

    That story hurts my soul.

  • alexpsx

    Why hello there

  • Snoape

    The game is historically accurate until you lose D-day as Allies.

  • tara's diary
    tara's diary

    only nogla would lose pokemon cards in an airport :')

  • Uqiiyaq Nicholas
    Uqiiyaq Nicholas

    What's in your pack on your chest? "Pokémon cards!" Hahaha

  • private last
    private last

    Threw away $4,000 wor.... that physically hurts. Really truly hurts.

    • private last
      private last

      I know everyone wants to believe that someone who knew what pokemon cards are saved them, but I just know they threw them away thinking they were nothing and SO MUCH MONEY!

  • Myze Man.R
    Myze Man.R

    How did you feel if your lost your pack?

  • Алексей Соловьев
    Алексей Соловьев

    Moral of Nogla's story: People are/or greedy and or stupid. Also British scientists proved that water is indeed wet.

  • Primalchomp

    On the bright side, atleast he is getting his Switch back.

  • Vampyrate XD
    Vampyrate XD

    i think i legit found that in an airplane when i was on the way to ireland if this was back in 2016

  • Mark

    He has the best stories tbh🤣Now we just need the point of view of the person who dumpster dives to get these cards

  • generaldefence

    Me: Mom can I have Battlefield 1? Mom: We have Battlefield 1 at home. *Battlefield 1 at home*:


    Well who's going dumpster diving guys? Cause I'm down.

  • ceos gamer 016 _
    ceos gamer 016 _

    Pokemon after inventing dahi 💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Dominik Olveczky
    Dominik Olveczky

    if this happend to me i would probably just hang myself

  • ted B.
    ted B.

    Would love to play that game, but i dont have ps5 , PC or friends either

  • sarwan mohabir
    sarwan mohabir


  • Zamurai ZK
    Zamurai ZK

    my heart hurts after hearing nogla's story

  • PHY


  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi


  • Psychic Espurr
    Psychic Espurr

    Nogla acting all upset even though we all know he's gonna pull an $8,000 card the next day

  • DustyOwl 1997
    DustyOwl 1997

    I like how Tyler kept his composure when Nogla told the airport story

  • Grey bos
    Grey bos

    Some goldeneye music lol n64 for the win!

  • Zelim Barh
    Zelim Barh

    This was a sign Nogla that you should take a break from opening Cards for a long time ok buddy I’m worried

  • Danh Nguyễn
    Danh Nguyễn

    Seriously, Nogla has a problem with opening pokemon packs

  • TBG JeffBob
    TBG JeffBob

    Why does nogla continue to do bad decisions when Pokémon cards are involved 😢

  • Alex Pop
    Alex Pop


  • JD 7Teen Stark
    JD 7Teen Stark

    Hopefully u lose more because we are here to watch anything but Pokemon content. If u wanna open pokecards then open them on stream

  • Rusion 05
    Rusion 05

    Plays Enlisted.... IRbin: Modern Warfare XD

  • Bitch Ass
    Bitch Ass

    Nogla Lose $4000 Me: waiting every week to get $2 😂

  • Aditya Bhangle
    Aditya Bhangle

    Goddamn, this man has 30,000$ to waste on Pokemon cards, fucking pay my tuition fee man😂😂😂

  • EG 0611
    EG 0611

    First of all 2010 era made Medal of Honor series were better than this game. Secondly I worry that Nogla will end his career and bank savings by this Pokemon Card obsession.

  • JustMeHere _
    JustMeHere _

    some homeless guy dumpster diving is gunna have the best day of his mfing life finding Nogla's pokemon cards

  • MC Babinos
    MC Babinos

    At least you only lost 4000$ and not 30.000$ but you got to stop Nogla