Modern Warfare but toxic squeakers 1v1 and one of them cheats!?
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In today's video, the annual Squeaker Quickscoping Boxing Championships has commenced! Today we have [FAZE] Daddy vs u S E L L competing in a 1v1 to see who is the best squeaker in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Stick around to see who reigns victorious!
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  • Daithi De Nogla
    Daithi De Nogla

    Get your Current Card now! The Bank for Modern Life: #ad

    • ct7567battlefront eso
      ct7567battlefront eso

      nogla!!! you sold me so hatd on current and i wanted an account but apparently they arent in canada because app store said not available in my country

    • Pherc

      @TheKringe I have usell on my friends list lol I’m egirl

    • dariusz ziolkowski
      dariusz ziolkowski

      App not available in uk 😔

    • The Father G Celi
      The Father G Celi

      Current don't work with my phone number since my number is kiwi...

    • Taylor Eli
      Taylor Eli

      @Hector Lian definitely, have been watching on flixzone for since december myself :D

  • Achilles

    as an older brother, i can 100% confirm that the controller was handed off

  • Gian Migenis
    Gian Migenis

    Be honest who you guys betting on I was betting on u sell

  • JaeCrazy

    I love how i learned nothing about visa cards from noglas intro but thats why we love him

  • Horsley Snipes
    Horsley Snipes

    Anyone else fast-forward through the useless promotion

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • Marie Kivido
    Marie Kivido

    Love 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • katsuke okura
    katsuke okura

    Petition to have usell on the future videos

  • Expierement_1

    this is the fun I miss from older games, its fun and semi friendly competition, and its fun to watch the 2 kids who think they are good but the rest of the world is just having fun

  • nøt r3x ləl
    nøt r3x ləl

    these kids are fkn cracked..

  • Solid

    Is Andrew wearing that Russian pewdiepie merch😂😂😂😂respect. Nice taste

  • BlueEnderProYT

    Faze Daddy is a lil bitch

  • Pearl Starlights
    Pearl Starlights

    Nogla and his friends trying to get content again

  • Ayden Grissinger
    Ayden Grissinger

    You already know that both of them didn't have their Happy meals that morning

  • T.wiley

    Funniest video hahaha you guys should set up some more 1v1 shit talking little squeakers

  • Scotty senpai
    Scotty senpai

    Daithi mind giving us a more clear look of the back of that card? 0:18

  • Jon Lomax
    Jon Lomax

    Lol he really put Mitt Romney

  • Huffman gamer
    Huffman gamer

    I will get that card if I get pinned

  • Pico

    I have a current and it's worth it.

  • Pluygers

    So are hairbands a trend in Ireland?

  • Jack Mark
    Jack Mark

    Guessing you haven’t learnt how to spectate without spawning in? And I didn’t think you’d scrape the bottom of the barrel for content.

  • annim hahs
    annim hahs

    Hey nogla why don't you like this comment


    Dude I fuckin love WALL-E. Like for WALL-E 2.

  • Lily Same
    Lily Same

    He's brother always looks so uncomfy on camera lol

  • Roland Pilizota
    Roland Pilizota

    After the handjob comment and get some help I immediately got an onlyfans ad wtf 😭

  • Laser XV
    Laser XV

    Man I fucking love your videos

  • Austin Johnson
    Austin Johnson

    “U s e l l” May suck at the game, but “Daddy” swallows at the game while his brother plays for him... So yes, the real champ here is “U s e l l”

  • Ramiro granados
    Ramiro granados

    When the second kid replied with “who you calling a p*ssy “ I lost it lmao

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    0:05 pewdiepie 🤣🤣

  • James Green
    James Green

    How come the ending graphic don't got aaliyah (is that her name?) And she gots a baby backpack eating whatever your sponsored by?

  • Mr. Flake
    Mr. Flake

    Battle of the century right here, eh?

  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell

    No duhh daddy cheated..he sucked at first and then all the sudden he was good sus

  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell

    Congrats usell

  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell

    Love discount nogla

  • t.

    At the start of the video the nogla mask is creepy

  • Sober Vibes
    Sober Vibes

    Why does nogla at the start of the video sound like morty lol

  • Lou Kun
    Lou Kun

    I wanna see more funny content like this. The way yall started cheering on some kids in a 1v1 was just too funny

  • Hunter Van Price
    Hunter Van Price

    i was the 10th k like feels good :)

  • VaguePHU

    Ah yes the squeeler battle for all the "ur mom" jokes

  • Saint Wulv
    Saint Wulv

    That kids movement and aim completely changed mid game 💀

  • overlord

    this is why i don't want to play COD

  • Nealon Miller
    Nealon Miller

    Ah, the time-honored tradition of a "Noob Fight"


    Do a part 2


    U sell is a legend now and daddy is a fucking ass wipe.

  • Nathaniel Malcolm
    Nathaniel Malcolm

    Not only did Nogla bear witness to the *greatest COD spectacle of his YT career* but he instantly calls out the bullshit, no chill. This was a truly Daithi video to go to bed on indeed. 🤣😅

  • shayne westmoreland
    shayne westmoreland

    That was actually pretty epic.

  • TheGlitchingLaboratory

    the fortnite kids are invading mw...

  • Logan hh10
    Logan hh10

    Best fight 2021

  • Joshua Spencer
    Joshua Spencer

    The 1v1 was entertaining af

  • Logan Morgan
    Logan Morgan

    Never gonna get used to nogla and them calling a 8 year old "daddy"

  • 08 RAVEN
    08 RAVEN

    I think I have watched this video 4 times and it still hasn't gotten boring.

  • makoto yuki
    makoto yuki

    Holy the nogla mask in the background

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • black sparkle
    black sparkle

    "kids are little rats man" nogla 2021-

  • saturrrnes

    this is the gratest content that they could've gotten lmao

  • ThePlague657

    You know what's scary? These kids are supposed to be the future....

  • dragonheart 49
    dragonheart 49


  • RebelSoul8 _
    RebelSoul8 _

    MW2 vines right here

  • Darien Williams
    Darien Williams

    Cat fight with little kids amazing 🤩

  • Jerry the Poet
    Jerry the Poet

    Nogla send out the sweat shirts

  • John Vawter
    John Vawter

    The fact he used Mitt Romney as the “Cock cuckin” is my fav

  • Ryan Mess
    Ryan Mess

    God damn Irish people can’t get a Current Card

  • Rowey

    For a sec there I thought PewDiePie walked in 😂

  • Ligma entertainment
    Ligma entertainment

    I thought it was pewds ngl

  • Galaxy Dust
    Galaxy Dust

    "The bro."

  • Very Avandi
    Very Avandi

    Brogla need to make his own youtube chanel

  • HuntAviic

    That guy in the beginning seems so sad that noglas making him be in this

    • HuntAviic

      I can tell by his smile

  • Catandogclone 13
    Catandogclone 13

    This squeaker match lasted longer than the Jake and Ben fight no it’s more entertaining.

  • Nocturnalnoxious

    current is not available in my country :(

  • The Partisan13
    The Partisan13

    More legit than the Jake Paul fight.

  • Xero Gaming
    Xero Gaming

    That was funny 😸

  • Amilcar Ortiz Deliz
    Amilcar Ortiz Deliz

    This reminds me the good old days playing MW2😂

  • Jaywilt420 -_-
    Jaywilt420 -_-

    Ahhh yes the definition of good parenting

  • Entity Randy
    Entity Randy

    This is the best form of 10min cod I’ve ever seen

  • SNZTR Fx
    SNZTR Fx

    Better than jake paul fight

  • Daveon Gilbert
    Daveon Gilbert

    I was in 6th grade too when I found dis group of channels. ;) still staying up till 6am watching everyones videos haha

  • -Zelge -
    -Zelge -

    Only broglas have money, they keep giving nogla current XD


    I hate getting into a team with squeakers but that shit was funny AF lol

  • jok mars
    jok mars

    If you not call him bro ... i really thought that man was Brian XD

  • Cory Marquez
    Cory Marquez

    It’s been so long since I’ve heard the name “squeaker”

  • Logan Clark
    Logan Clark

    Nogla u look high in the start



  • Trevor Wilson
    Trevor Wilson

    Gawd even the intro is soo Nogla. He almost bombed it 🤣

  • Jobin Joseph
    Jobin Joseph

    Hope GLITCH comes with a new flavor named "DAITHI THORNBERRY"......

  • Zechariah Harris
    Zechariah Harris

    I thought that was PewDiePie coming in the room LOL

  • sean hade
    sean hade

    Tht dude looks like niko bellic from gta 4 but young.

  • Christian Dimalanta
    Christian Dimalanta

    The collective pause with all your characters spiking the camera 💀💀

  • Obamna

    who would've thought he would even bring in a Jake Gyllenhaal cameo for a sponsor

  • Joax24


  • Cringe. com
    Cringe. com

    Immanuel is gay

    • Cringe. com
      Cringe. com

      @Immanuel Kikau Deleting Our Minecraft World...

    • Immanuel Kikau
      Immanuel Kikau

      @Cringe. com uno reverse + skip turn + plus 4

    • Cringe. com
      Cringe. com

      Infinity +2 and a half

    • Cringe. com
      Cringe. com

      @Immanuel Kikau No u are times Infinity

    • Immanuel Kikau
      Immanuel Kikau

      No u are

  • Judd Andrew Miguel Anchez
    Judd Andrew Miguel Anchez

    This is epic 1v1

  • zabimaru102011

    I would have yelled out Foetus Fight!

  • TheRebelLion96

    For a split second, I thought it was Pewdiepie coming through his door! I heard his accent and realized it was his brother! Sheesh!

  • Death

    I want to see nogla and everyone play cod mobile They'll be so lost🤣🤣🤣

  • CJ Voerman
    CJ Voerman

    Andreis de Brogla

  • Nathaniel Vers.
    Nathaniel Vers.

    Best moment starts at 8:50 , that's some FBI worthy sh!t.

  • Nathaniel Vers.
    Nathaniel Vers.

    That is the most awkward Ad - Intro Ever.

  • Nathaniel Vers.
    Nathaniel Vers.

    Put all the brothers in one video now. We just need Brogla

  • Ránsel Y. Rivera Pérez
    Ránsel Y. Rivera Pérez

    USELL is the real winner

  • MindYaBiznass

    Do you pay your brother for all of these appearances?