Modern Warfare but they added the most broken weapon ever to the game...
In today's video we have the Sykov from Modern Warfare, the most broken secondary pistols ever added to Call of Duty
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  • The WRLD
    The WRLD

    I like how his editor cut him off at the end😭😭

    • Porg 212u
      Porg 212u

      Time stamp pls

    • Alejandro Loera
      Alejandro Loera

      Fr one of many high lights 😂😂

    • Diva Dhingra
      Diva Dhingra

      He did say he loves the cut off

    • Noodle Danger
      Noodle Danger

      @ItzTreeB bruh, he's talking about nogla

    • AleJohnDrom

      "I love the cut of-"

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo

    I love your editing Nogla lol

  • MadAppleStudios

    The fucking MUSIC from Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

  • deTTi

    Nogla man 😂

  • Alec Collier
    Alec Collier

    The flash bang edit to the next clip👌

  • Minnie

    If i could change anything in this game it would be to remove full auto on these pistols and get rid of the 41ae for the uzi

  • The vibe Checker
    The vibe Checker

    Diamatti,Moms spaghetti,Hands are sweaty,Your moms a deady When i wrote the "Your moms a deady"idk why i wrote it but i think its funni

  • zeqhn_az

    Post the set up

  • SamuraiDoge

    Nogla's akimbo pistols are like a A10 warthog, they go brrrrrrt

  • Dylan Ouellette
    Dylan Ouellette

    Anyone realize the ace attorney ost in the background or was it just me?

  • Jelly Jefferson
    Jelly Jefferson

    6:56 is an underrated transition I SWEAR.

    • Jelly Jefferson
      Jelly Jefferson

      I mean 6:55;)

  • Sam Ireland
    Sam Ireland

    4:30..... Ape Escape 3 Music

  • YourBoy D
    YourBoy D

    To noglas editor, put more star wars battlefront 2 sound effects.........i know that gun noise at this part: 2:54

  • Ignacio Cambero
    Ignacio Cambero

    Ewwwww that gun is naaaasty omg is unfairly broken

  • Demigod Apex Carnage
    Demigod Apex Carnage


  • Justin Britton
    Justin Britton

    Flash bang to a different dimension

  • Starhunter1975

    Your videos are always enjoyable.

  • Thomas4dec

    i like how he censors the guy who didn't say the nword but doesn't censor the guy that did lmao

  • Xxphoenix_kingXx 12
    Xxphoenix_kingXx 12

    I love the gernade ya yeet part

    • Xxphoenix_kingXx 12
      Xxphoenix_kingXx 12

      It would be funny with "this is empty, YEET"

  • InsaneGunner

    Nogla is on a new streak of not posting shitty among us!

  • Ozitona

    Why does Scotty and Tyla(if you know why its spelled that way then you know) sound so different on Nogla's end?

  • Stwabery :D
    Stwabery :D

    The cut off lol

  • Stwabery :D
    Stwabery :D

    4:42 she kinda sounds like me😳 It’s not, but I do laugh when I get murdered.. after saying “noo”.

  • Mango Republic
    Mango Republic

    Sadly, I own a PS4 so I can't play ☹

  • Nighting Battle
    Nighting Battle

    I like you nogla

  • RRebel 993
    RRebel 993

    Ahh editor I like the cut of-

  • dj coke is not real
    dj coke is not real

    That transition from the flashbang was cool

  • Echo

    Treyarch: hey lets add a super classic pistol! The Makarov! also Treyarch: lets make it fully automatic and as unrealistic as fucking possible they make the non full auto pistol a full auto but the glock that has a fucking full auto switch on the slide, modeled to have full auto engaged. why do companies that have zero logical understanding of a firearm make FPS games???

  • Mr Pnut Jr
    Mr Pnut Jr

    Yo Nolga no skill needed for those

  • Shiftless

    *"So anyway I started blasting."*

  • aki - senpai
    aki - senpai

    Uhm this is just like in codm or cod mobile but literally the akimbo just hits you like 1 2 and BOOM your dead

  • sarwan mohabir
    sarwan mohabir


  • lukas butnorius
    lukas butnorius


  • Jose Raya
    Jose Raya

    That flash bang transition was cool

  • Mikey Sali
    Mikey Sali

    Can you play Call of duty mobile please

  • Chelsey Belcher
    Chelsey Belcher

    The audio is from banjo kazooi :)

  • Epyonwings

    Max Nogla

  • Bobby Burgerham
    Bobby Burgerham

    I like the banjo and kazooie soundtrack. Very noice

  • Mr. Hazards1109
    Mr. Hazards1109

    The background music is from banjo and kozzie nuts and bolts

  • Crimson Artist
    Crimson Artist

    I see you used star wars battlefront sounds hmmmm?

  • Iker Herrera
    Iker Herrera

    Was that fearless

  • Not_a_hacker

    Top ten rappers Eminem is to afraid to diss

  • Cookies N’ Cream Gaming
    Cookies N’ Cream Gaming

    This game is still getting better content than Cold War

  • Collin Whitten
    Collin Whitten

    The editing on this video is nutty

  • Damian Schexnaydre
    Damian Schexnaydre

    I loved the transition with the flashbang to another scene

  • Master BloodWolf
    Master BloodWolf

    Do more akimbo vids

  • Aasnni Thiamhuanok
    Aasnni Thiamhuanok

    So I guess that guns gonna get nerf after this video.

  • DARchik

    No full auto in buildings!!!

  • HotGameOfficial

    Bro am mad they already nerfed it Today i wasted my time just to get gold on this gun and now it sucks

  • Eddapults Tab
    Eddapults Tab

    I feel sorry for the person who tries using that for real, it's carpal tunnel in one week easy. Still those guns should have a bigger spreading full auto

  • Zean

    I like the cut off t-

  • Cuauhtemoc Ortiz
    Cuauhtemoc Ortiz


  • que thehusky
    que thehusky

    "He said denmark" thanks subtitles

  • Alton Guthrie
    Alton Guthrie

    How much is your editor being paid!?!? That flashbang transition was 👌

  • Julian Cruz
    Julian Cruz


  • Lown Wolf Gaming
    Lown Wolf Gaming

    Oh yeah so much skill he just sits in the corner with a f****** riot

  • Lucus Hylton
    Lucus Hylton

    Imagine the paped it will have 150 per mag

  • Lucus Hylton
    Lucus Hylton

    80 bullets

  • Mini Me
    Mini Me

    I wonder if nogla ever found the pistols in the shop in the un-cut clip

  • JCatalan C
    JCatalan C

    I’m so happy they’re back in Modern Warfare

  • Trainmaster111

    I wouldnt say broken. For a pistol maybe but very inaccurate outside close range and really quite weak.


    He said 42 mixed with the henny

  • ohitsbee 23
    ohitsbee 23

    42 with the Henny 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽

  • Luis Benavidez
    Luis Benavidez

    Dain is better than most rappers today

  • Dark Souled Snek
    Dark Souled Snek

    Opponents: You're trash! Nogla with the new weapon: So you have chosen death.

  • Blooded Eyes
    Blooded Eyes

    First time custom with this gun, I got a nuke. I swore never to use them again.

  • Bryan Moresby
    Bryan Moresby


  • IIRyhlonII

    The flash bang transition was so good. Good job editor😁

  • Super Uli
    Super Uli

    Ok Activision plz do something about Nogla plz hes unstoppable

  • Neil McCormack
    Neil McCormack


  • Jetwind Gaming & Art
    Jetwind Gaming & Art

    The original Dr. De Nogla is your old Gmod model Nogla.

  • Marcus White
    Marcus White

    That editing had me dyin

  • Yeet TheMod
    Yeet TheMod


  • SodaPopWorks

    that jerry guy in 4:22 was so fucking hype for scotty getting a kill lmao

  • Misses D.
    Misses D.

    Damn am I famous now? Thanks for wrecking me over and over again on PICCADILLY 💀

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik



    7:45 someone said the N-word and it wasn’t bleeped

  • Ndoke

    this gun is litery just spray and pray

  • Maple_Syrup_Boy _
    Maple_Syrup_Boy _

    Did he end up buying it?

  • suggz857

    hunter boutta make a vid of these guns.

  • Timmy

    i love the Lunar 2 music in the background

  • jax off
    jax off

    Damn, this man is Doom himself

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    dirty hehehe damn

  • Israel Cano
    Israel Cano

    i like nolga's trash talk 1:33 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Savage
    Gabriel Savage

    6:55 was the cleanest jump cut using a flash. Caught me off guard!

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales

    "I love the cut o...."

  • neil Taylor
    neil Taylor

    nerf em to 20/20 clip

  • Kole D
    Kole D

    What’s the loadout he’s using?

  • Kyle Frank
    Kyle Frank

    Dear Editor, The word Piccadilly was literally on the screen when you decided to caption it being said. Furthermore, you misspelled that same word that was staring you in the face. Please, son, give up this dream and come home to take up the family business. Your mother misses you dearly.

  • Raven Night
    Raven Night

    No one seeing SOUPerman is online on the chat notification??? We need Stonk and SOUPerman content more Nogla 😭

  • J Isn’t here
    J Isn’t here

    That flash transition tho

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    Wait I'm trying to remember pls tell me if I'm wrong or not But is that the same random jerry from a few vids ago? (From a few months ago) or??? If it is then it's wholesome that the guys are playing with him again 😭😂💯 Edit: IT IS THE SAME JERRY LETS GOOOOOO

  • Cerberus

    i just dont get how this game even got into the game do they not test anything anymore?

  • Arch Star
    Arch Star

    Bruh the cut of-

  • Simon ghost Riley
    Simon ghost Riley

    Ahhhhh yeeeeessss another cod video

  • Teddy Wood
    Teddy Wood

    2:55 Seth rogen be like

  • Chris Culver
    Chris Culver

    The editing on this was incredible.

  • Broccoli Gaming
    Broccoli Gaming

    I hope this is in Cold War... I'm gonna get a lot of content.

  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    Idk if it’s a good thing or a bad thing these guys r still on mw over Cold War

  • Justbeingme Hello
    Justbeingme Hello

    Lol true