I have fun and my friends hate that...
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  • Daithi De Nogla
    Daithi De Nogla

    Asphalt 9 is available to play on PC, Android, iPhone, & Nintendo Switch! bit.ly/3awyh4X #ad

    • Colson Gideon
      Colson Gideon

      @Peyton Houston Yea, have been using flixzone for months myself :)

    • Peyton Houston
      Peyton Houston

      a tip: you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

    • Lenny Herny
      Lenny Herny

      You still fucking idiot as ever

    • Fireblxze

      @Nelson Pineda yes it is

    • JurassicPark 27
      JurassicPark 27

      Im going to try this cause i like racing games, also have an amazing day or night everyone. :)

  • tukamoton1312

    Been playing this game for about 1 year and some months. The events have hackers and cheaters and its p2w to some extent. Either grind your life away to unlock nice cars or pay to unlock it on the spot. No in between. Btw you guys are playing with noob cars, you have no shot at multiplayer xD

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Asphalt 9 vids funny asf

  • isae

    the disrepect on the evo smh

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • Thiccer Briccer
    Thiccer Briccer

    He never tweeted

  • The orange King
    The orange King

    U said this game is free to play. That's wrong it's very pay to win and there was a event where u need 5000$ to just unlock it and it was not worth it at all

  • Asphalt

    So funny video! :D

    • Niko Peludo
      Niko Peludo

      Oh wow, the actual Asphalt

  • firey785hour

    Bro this is the new Mario Kart

  • Mini Squal
    Mini Squal

    9:15 nogla pimp slaped by fourzer0

  • james Kimball
    james Kimball


  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell

    Esports are not sports

  • Moronthedumbo

    Is it just me that hears sonic music in the vid?

  • Marina Ida
    Marina Ida

    OK Porche 718 Caymen is meta! Noted

  • Da Queen Potatoe
    Da Queen Potatoe

    I wouldn't blame him for having fun, that game is such a high quality game it's just awesome.

  • DJdog120

    I’ve played it before on laptop and switch, but it’s surprising that it’s not on Xbox and/or PS.

  • Jared Dorr
    Jared Dorr

    This looks exactly like burnout

  • Kenneth Moseley
    Kenneth Moseley

    The train to Station Square will be departing soon

  • Kraz.e kraz
    Kraz.e kraz

    Like buddy 👋

  • D0nk3yPunch 912
    D0nk3yPunch 912

    3:46 "dosen't"

  • John Bush
    John Bush

    Imagine if you guys raced at the Freedom Factory. Cleetus McFarland's racetrack.. Would Nogla and Brian still be sweaty tryhards ?

  • GB2006 _YT
    GB2006 _YT

    One could be a really bad driver and have a Bugatti Chiron while the other is Lewis Hamilton in a 1960s Volkswagen Beatle and Lewis Hamilton would win. It's not the car, it's how you drive it, this ain't COD, this is racing

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • RJ tv
    RJ tv

    Nogla: joins session Everyone: *ATTACK*

  • Enrique Vargas
    Enrique Vargas

    I still haven't seen nogla tweet anything about this video lol what a scumbag

  • Albert Slat
    Albert Slat

    Brou yoll playing with beginer cars

  • LostUsers死亡


  • BuckLeBuck

    I don't know what the hell is happening and I love it

  • Go Away
    Go Away

    Always enjoy anything vids you do and I'm glad I'm finally home from spending most of the day at the hospital with my daughter. I needed this more than you'll know, so a huge thank you and take care of yourself and your family please, Mate

  • Chaosiferus

    This reminds me of the good ol days playing burnout

  • Red Venom
    Red Venom

    I love how when I deleted the game it suddenly got popular after 2 years or something like that.

  • Aether-Sama

    New Title: My Friends Bully me because I’m having fun while opening Pokemon Cards

  • TheWillyWong

    Probably the funniest in the crew


    Nogla play Split Second Velocity with these guys. The game is sort of like Mario Kart except instead of power ups, you cause environmental objects like Bridges, Ships, Towers and even a Dam to explode/collapse and cause absolute armageddon. Please Nogla, I beg you play this.

  • Nakanowatari

    The game honestly looks pretty fun. Maybe the entire crew could play it again. Would love to see silent Brian rage


    Just wait for nogla to get his class B car from the daily.

  • RichDXtreme247

    This game reminds me of another game called "Split Second" with all the crashes and environmental chaos.

  • Джордж Шульженко
    Джордж Шульженко


  • michael van delden
    michael van delden

    i would love to bully nogla in this game hahahahaha

  • Zineq

    I really hate it how everyone's against you. Especially Tyler.

  • Robert Harrington
    Robert Harrington

    "I go for wins not spins" Nikita Mazepin: *confused Russian screaming*

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose


  • Your avrage Kid
    Your avrage Kid

    My brother played this game and it was fun

  • Hour707funny Spalliero91
    Hour707funny Spalliero91

    Asome video

  • محمد الشريف
    محمد الشريف

    best day is when there is a video

  • will major
    will major

    I love this video because I have a lancer and it makes me feel at home

  • OmegaEGGY

    Yo can I just say that that transition in 2:50 was fire

  • Mae Online
    Mae Online

    I always love Noglas video game background music choices~

  • Cesar Leal
    Cesar Leal

    I enjoy watching this, but you guys are gonna get bored of the game really quickly

  • F L
    F L

    But his friends thumbnail says otherwise

  • HollowOreo

    Was I hearing some Sonic adventure music in the background? Editor has some good taste I see.

  • Papi_Chulo PR
    Papi_Chulo PR

    Let’s go asphalt 9 best game ever made

  • Scott Richmond
    Scott Richmond

    that last track was like ready player one at the beginning

  • OrangeLightning Gacha
    OrangeLightning Gacha

    What is wrong with that body? Crist it's not right

  • JuicyHentai Nips
    JuicyHentai Nips

    407 using the 370 z

  • Samurai Astrapia
    Samurai Astrapia

    Developers, can you please put the McLaren P1 in the shop... please?

  • bro gamin
    bro gamin

    Downloaded a while ago on switch, definitely have to play it now.

  • Kyle Justiniano
    Kyle Justiniano


  • Yomama Plays
    Yomama Plays

    So the purge server is dead huh.


    i just realized noglas characters neck is really long

  • Terry Avengerstar
    Terry Avengerstar

    The fact that Nogla’s winning so much and that he has Sonic Adventure music playing in the background makes this video twice the amount enjoyable

  • Volt Angelo
    Volt Angelo

    2:11 “I was first the whole race. This game is all luck based” - Person who shall not be named

  • DatShadowWolf

    Poggie woggies owo

  • maverick delgado
    maverick delgado

    Osaka was located in Japan, not in Texas you Illiterate man hahaha.

  • KAI 2000
    KAI 2000

    Did he tweet?

  • SmashProX

    They couldn't beat him in Mario Kart, thought this would be any different?

  • Kitty

    I miss Asphalt 8. Had it on my school ipad but my dumbass linked my apple account with my school email instead of a personal one, so all my games are gone. I would beat S tier cars with my decked out minicooper.

  • Anita Jackoff
    Anita Jackoff

    I was rooting hella hard for you Nogla

  • Ob1 Kenobi
    Ob1 Kenobi

    Honestly I like my Forza horizon 4 and dirt 2

  • jontheraptor


  • ShyFoxSC

    The Crew sounds like there actually inside the game and not sitting on a chair in their houses XD specially in GTA it's like they're all together

  • Tipoff Giggots
    Tipoff Giggots

    This is incredibly fun to watch

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson

    There is a among us Pokémon mod

  • Doy to the Boi
    Doy to the Boi


  • Young Sidon
    Young Sidon

    I actually downloaded this game a few months ago, regardless of what you think on racing games there is one thing I can say... The Soundtrack is FIRE

  • Timothy G
    Timothy G

    Lmao I downloaded the game b4 this video

  • Jamie Ryan
    Jamie Ryan

    Keep up the good work Nogla 😀👍🏽

  • canadian guy
    canadian guy

    sheesh nogla very nice car

  • Mystic TK
    Mystic TK

    They bully you instead

  • Omri Hall
    Omri Hall

    No nogla they hate that you have been consumed by the world of pokemon tcg

  • The PoisonCrow
    The PoisonCrow

    Day 7 of asking for a 5 years later your love performance

    • Solemon Bester
      Solemon Bester

      That doesn’t make sense


    When your friends don't want u to have fun

  • Darker Than Dark
    Darker Than Dark

    I know you were paid to play this and prolly the only reason you did but do more

  • Rodz

    At 3:46 is that a typo there?

  • jrig123

    4:15 *you're

    • jrig123

      7:38 *too

    • jrig123

      5:03 *you're

  • BigJimbly

    I really appreciate the sonic adventure music in this video ❤️

  • Zombie Sazza
    Zombie Sazza

    4 friends continuously crash into each other, and scream lots, what a fantastic video!

  • Trevor Ghalt
    Trevor Ghalt

    Some good old tweeting at 4:25am 🤣🤣

  • PantiesGoneWild

    A9 is a joke since its release old A8 is where its at

  • Lwbees

    Wow I remember this game from aaaaaaages ago

  • Jonas Deleon
    Jonas Deleon

    This game looks fun can’t wait to download it

  • Jax Bartlett
    Jax Bartlett


  • Jennifer Amaya
    Jennifer Amaya

    I honestly really liked watch you guys play this game! Reminds me of Mario Kart lol xD

  • M.Yusri

    5:36 try saying that 10 times.

  • Blaze Of Games
    Blaze Of Games

    Nogla Osaka, is in Japan, dude you need to look at your world history again dude but fin fact Osaka, have the best Takoyaki in all of Japan.

  • AtomMACtic

    If I don't see that tweet at 4:25 AM I will be disappointed Nogla 🧐

  • iceslushii

    this explains the tweets that tyler and scott made not long ago xD

  • Ankush Gogna
    Ankush Gogna

    3:32 is that Station Square music from Sonic Adventure in the background?!?

  • heheje jsjsjsj
    heheje jsjsjsj

    Yes they playing it

  • Galaxy Dust
    Galaxy Dust