GTA 5 RP but we have our first run in with the law on NoPixel... (Ep.2)
In today's video Schlimey and Snake go on an adventure with Murph, little do we know thetrouble we would get into. How does our first run in with the law go in GTA 5 RP on NoPixel?
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  • Andrew Hitt
    Andrew Hitt

    Damn, a 40 minute nogla video. Christmas came early bois!

    • Andrew Hitt
      Andrew Hitt

      @Ricky Drew oh no the bot comments are taking over

    • Ricky Drew
      Ricky Drew

      @Eugene Joel Definitely, been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

    • Andrew Hitt
      Andrew Hitt

      @Eugene Joel be gone BOT (Besides 123movies been holdin it down for years)

    • Eugene Joel
      Eugene Joel

      Pro trick: watch movies on flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.

    • xJMx Constantine
      xJMx Constantine

      How to keep the account alive ^ it’s been going strong for 4 years can’t fail now.

  • Miiayuki

    I swear that's LevelCap in the beginning... That voice is unmistakable ...

  • tukamoton1312

    What actually is this bullshit? Why is the roleplaying so serious?

  • Just Cruising
    Just Cruising

    Too funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • Moist Crevices
    Moist Crevices

    7:45 Jeff Bezos

  • Bobert A name
    Bobert A name

    nogla goes from ya want a brojob too ooo whats goin on with this guy

  • April Ulmer
    April Ulmer

    OH SHIT I HEARD KIKI @ 30:56!!! I hope ya'll meet Kiki!!!!

  • April Ulmer
    April Ulmer

    I love the Irish so much, hearing Irish banter is one of my favorite things in life lol

  • April Ulmer
    April Ulmer

    I need GTA now, just to RP and get into some wild shit 🤣

  • 09Matt Boy
    09Matt Boy

    “I like pugs I can’t just shoot a pug” 29:59

  • James Ryan Rueles
    James Ryan Rueles

    Wait is there a voice changer

  • Couch

    8:58 Omg I just realised thats Carmen King

  • Rebecca French
    Rebecca French

    They sound like Jack and Conor from young offender 🤣🤣

  • FreeYvng TheDrillas
    FreeYvng TheDrillas

    Daithi is going to get banned soon

  • Toast xxo
    Toast xxo

    Were they the same cops who arrested Kyle fungi

  • Bit

    7:15 bro thats a dude...

  • Johnathon Pantoja
    Johnathon Pantoja

    Sooner or later he’s gonna be kicked off the server lmfao

  • Bailey Saunders
    Bailey Saunders

    I really hope they run into Kevin/ Grognak

  • Poco Por Poco
    Poco Por Poco

    Impressive how you sound so much unlike Nogla at the beginning! 🤣🤣🤣

  • hailey

    he finally ran into Carmella 😭😭

  • LeoJoe

    They are always in yelling mode, just being Irish. XD

  • Anime -rwk
    Anime -rwk

    how did u get off scott free?

  • Shaun Walz
    Shaun Walz

    This was awesome lads. Keep doing these. PLEASE!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • passbyicecube

    Oh sh*t, he hang around with Marcus?! One of the prison lifer back in 2.0. LOL

  • yakitoki_

    i expect he read the rules since he joined nopixel

  • King

    I would love more gta5 rp from nogla

  • GamerGuy_80 WHAPOW
    GamerGuy_80 WHAPOW

    Murph is a legend taking all the blame!

  • Blake BradleyV
    Blake BradleyV

    These are the best

  • princes sweet
    princes sweet

    Lol pretty sure the girl at 9:04 is CarmenKing 😂

  • TrashBag

    i dont understand anything they are saying 😂

  • The Dark Lord Mal
    The Dark Lord Mal

    when you hear ash in the background

  • Robert Cicero
    Robert Cicero

    Anyone notice the sonic adventure music? Lol

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    You don’t tase someone in the water

  • The Enigma
    The Enigma

    The Sonic music in the background

  • TheTheoTherone

    This vod makes me so nervous for Grognak the Destroyer Attorney at Law Edit: feckin hell!! Stay away from Anto!!!

  • Richard Gunn
    Richard Gunn

    Danm watcfhing Nogla interact with all these streamers I watch regularly is so awesome, when you first got inside to Wu Chang i was like OMG TACO

  • Luis Alvito
    Luis Alvito

    Look Ash (Ash_on_Lol) is here too

  • Xion

    bro all the times nogla called snake "schlimey" lol

  • imperlast2

    yall need kipnap grognak (callmekevin)it will be a blast

  • YAAABoi

    granola just trying to make friends. random girl: a55hol3

  • Tank Striker
    Tank Striker

    You sound like a mixture of brain and Evan

  • ROSETTA 222
    ROSETTA 222

    I really need subtitles for this... Especially the Irish noises parts 😭 idk what the heck they're saying

  • lofs gaming
    lofs gaming

    nogla, can we get more gta please? I was laughing my ass off! and keep that other Irish guy with ya he sounds nice.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    Are we finally going to see you Kidnap and burn a woman alive and watch her die whilst you, Snake and 2 other men watch?

  • Emma Stephens
    Emma Stephens

    Going from fishing to murder! Let's meet in the middle and kill a fish xD

  • Danny Villaseñor
    Danny Villaseñor

    Do you think Kyle fungi, shlimey and snake are ever gonna meet

  • Panicthescaredycat

    Who's the bald man that seemed to be respected by the staff at the party lol

  • funnydoggy


  • Thomas Hofstede
    Thomas Hofstede

    Waiting for Anto to mention Groggers haha. Would'be funny if they met Kevin

  • Taco Johns
    Taco Johns

    Song at 7:17 when woman dips and nogla meets mug???

  • Dillity

    NoPixel realising that their server is made of pixels: 👁👄👁

  • BlazinBro786

    love Murph lmaoooo

  • Christopher Angell
    Christopher Angell

    This man had the audacity to just approach Molly Minaj. Damn right she's texting she's a famous recording artist

  • PsyFinn

    I didn’t understand 80% of the what there talking about anyone else?

  • MEB 1997
    MEB 1997

    I feel like the cop violated the role play removing your pug head. It wasn't just a mask, its his identity.

  • MEB 1997
    MEB 1997

    Lol I loved the *Irish Noises*.

  • Muhammad Rizal Andi Saputra
    Muhammad Rizal Andi Saputra

    i love when nogla messing around with other people

  • Ryan Berenio
    Ryan Berenio

    I need more or this shit dudeee. I hope you bump with Kyle Fungi.

  • Mattress

    I need more

  • Chris Burke
    Chris Burke

    I don't get it... Is pug/schlimey a character portrayed by Daithi? He doesn't sound like Daithi???

  • vXga

    So happy they met anto 🥺🥺😭

  • Mage 7734
    Mage 7734

    11:44 - I'm loving how this is is everywhere

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson

    Legend says nogla hearts every comment

  • Brad Stidem
    Brad Stidem

    whos talking im so confused

  • Phil yeet
    Phil yeet

    Murph is the goat 😂 when he came in to the staff room and you two standing there smoking doobs I nearly wet myself laughing

  • Banana

    Carmella!!! That's my girl. Loving the irish lads taking over nopixel

  • sketch book
    sketch book

    I can tell it won’t be long before you two get kicked off…

  • overhaul's pretty lashes
    overhaul's pretty lashes

    Nogla met Carmen King I did not think that this would happen 😺

  • sketch book
    sketch book

    In Ireland, NPC stands for Normal Person, Carl.

  • annim hahs
    annim hahs

    The origins of the great Mr.K and Irish baldy now I get it, I watched the stream first.......

  • Swerv Skylark
    Swerv Skylark

    They’re definitely getting banned from no pixel 😭😭😭

  • ehaqeuak123

    This is so funny hahahaha the best about this video is that nobody know who they are hahaahaha which makes it MORE funny tbh hahaha imagine everyone coming to see them and it breaks off the rp vibe (never played it tho hahaha)

  • Cringeboi27

    At 30:42 you can see shnake on the left

  • wolf73371

    Nogla: "People weren't supposed to see my face." Cop: "God I wish I left that on." That exchange had me dying. The burn was real but I would have said the exact same thing, lmao.

  • Hunter

    They're the Boondock Saints.

  • Martin Johnsson
    Martin Johnsson

    I just heard ASH!!! Great video

  • Aaron PkmnMaster
    Aaron PkmnMaster

    I love morph 😂😂😂😂

  • Yoshy 328
    Yoshy 328

    He sounds like wild cat😂

  • J-MECK

    what the hell did i just watch and why did i enjoy it so much?!

  • Kfctrotsky

    Next time Nogla and Brian get in trouble with the police, they should start singing "come out ye black an tans" and calling em the English while driving away.

  • Tyler Trembath
    Tyler Trembath

    Ye two are feckin idyeets I tell ya, but gosh damn if eet ain’t fockin funny as shit I’ve eb’er sheen

  • Ricky Cha
    Ricky Cha


  • Jonathan Benton
    Jonathan Benton

    So when’s the cross-episode with Mr. Kyle Fungi? We need to see some criminal activity 😂

  • Chimp Boy
    Chimp Boy

    RP servers are way too strict

  • Jay bonkers Bonkers
    Jay bonkers Bonkers

    The new Irish mob!

  • Javyn Miller
    Javyn Miller

    Ok ok ik nogla you probably won't see this but if you do I have a game you should try out if you hate playing fortnite because of the sweaty building there a game just like with the same compilation but you only get tow weapons a bow and arrow and and axe and the game has proximity chat the game is called the dawn project and I think you will love it

  • Jamie Duffy
    Jamie Duffy


  • Kalvyn Edmonds-Preston
    Kalvyn Edmonds-Preston

    your voice is so beautiful

  • Astro Naut
    Astro Naut

    Even the editor got confused xD

  • HurriShane00

    Runs into Murph and Snake inside WU Chang and hilarity ensues "Irish Noises"

  • noLieBowtie

    Your recent videos make me want to buy GTA V and apply to NoPIxel. It looks like a lot of fun.

  • Zippy Look
    Zippy Look

    Fallout 76

  • Zippy Look
    Zippy Look


  • Zeak Action
    Zeak Action

    I hope y'all do some more slasher

  • In the Huddle
    In the Huddle

    Anyone think blondie sounds like John mulany


    18:15 Ash casually talking in the background

  • Glam

    These police officers are out of control But at the same time Nogla being big dumb 💀

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Amedeus Navarrete
    Amedeus Navarrete

    I love that there is no captions for this 🤣