GTA 5 RP but it's our first time on the NoPixel server... (Schlimey & Snake Ep.1)
In today's video Terroriser aka The Snake and I aka Schlimey land in the GTA 5 server nopixel for some good solid RP. This day sadly Sheamus O' Toole (Schlimey) contracted a disease on the plane so his voice is a bit off. He will see some good ol US healthcare and be grand after a few antibiotics. I hope ye enjoy our first time in GTA 5 RP. Any ideas just ask!
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  • Daithi De Nogla
    Daithi De Nogla

    How do ye guys like Schlimey and Snake?

    • sjdh jai
      sjdh jai

      Better play Minecraft or somethin

    • Tate Langley
      Tate Langley

      Loved it🤣

    • 09Matt Boy
      09Matt Boy

      Welll I love his voice

    • Robin

      I need a series

    • KK_Awesome

      Schlimey and Snake will have a very interesting encounter soon. They will meet Kyle fungi. The Y is silent, I am a seer of the future.

  • sjdh jai
    sjdh jai

    Oh no

  • Er-teC-ris

    Imagine one day they run into Kevin in this without planning to.

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young

    That’s fucking VIPERS voice 😂😂😂

  • Txvixz 22
    Txvixz 22

    I just realized I was just watching nogla the whole time😂😂 thought I was hearing Terroriser😂😂

  • Coolmist

    I thought brian was playing the whole time because of Noglas voice

    • Txvixz 22
      Txvixz 22


  • DropShotYourMom

    Bro putter got gta rp popular

  • Tyler Jarboe
    Tyler Jarboe

    Reason 800 I won't play rp servers. Dude was standing on the sidewalk... Police pass. Turn the lights on.. Back up, sit there, then taze the man in the face and drive off. Tf kinda rp is that dude?

  • Valtzzet

    Nogla is going to be banned nj

  • Nova Marie Simms
    Nova Marie Simms

    He sounds like RT Gaming lol

  • 09Matt Boy
    09Matt Boy

    I love the voice changer

  • Shawnelee Dixon
    Shawnelee Dixon

    I've never watched anyone try to learn how to do this and it made me laugh so hard when they was in the store omg my tummy hurts I actually had to stop watching

  • _._

    You gotta meet Kyle fungi he's a cool guy

  • Slick Nick
    Slick Nick

    never thought i would see the crew play gta5 roleplay

  • TomAshmore

    Love the reference to the viper from hardy bucks

  • aTomIum Vaas
    aTomIum Vaas

    One of the Funniest Videos EVER , my jaw hurts from laughing

  • james Kimball
    james Kimball


  • Mads Petersen
    Mads Petersen

    see the trend with every youtuber starting to play fivem now

  • Alytha Shalissa
    Alytha Shalissa

    The Irish in this episode is astronomical

  • Zachary Snyder
    Zachary Snyder

    What happened to me eyebrows! I spat out my drink.

  • yakitoki_

    aren't discord not allowed?😂

  • Bush barry
    Bush barry

    Pig pug 🐶

  • Tyrant Demise
    Tyrant Demise

    I can already tell THIS is gonna be one hell of an adventure

  • KK_Awesome

    I’m sorry... I literally thought I was watching jacksepticeye. Those voice changers really do work their magic.

  • Skip Long
    Skip Long

    These boys were not prepared for NP LOL

  • Skip Long
    Skip Long

    Was that AJ that just tased him and dipped? 😂

  • Aaron Glover
    Aaron Glover

    So you guys are just viper from hardy bucks?

  • jimbo realestate
    jimbo realestate

    Shnek is a tunnel snake from fo3

  • Nicole Dumont
    Nicole Dumont

    I'm seriously confused... I don't think Nogla can't fake that accent. was that Brogla? I'm seriously confused 😅

  • William Whaley
    William Whaley

    Why does Nogla sound like this i hate iy

  • Dat-1-boi MEEPHEW
    Dat-1-boi MEEPHEW

    Literally sounds like evan


    Kyle Fungi new friends :D

  • Mage 7734
    Mage 7734

    "You punched my eyebrows off!" That's a sentence I never thought I'd hear

  • CrayCray Mose
    CrayCray Mose


  • Kayla Dantzler
    Kayla Dantzler

    It’s the accent over the accent for me 😂

  • Muja M.
    Muja M.

    You guys are going to pick up RP very fast

  • FamicuS

    5:14 Well there is so FailRP on that cop.

  • Phil Oliveira
    Phil Oliveira

    Omg terroriser doing a viper impression is just the craic I needed. Gonna tell the auld lad to turn on hardy bucks now

  • Joe Mills
    Joe Mills

    Please get ‘grognak the destroyer: attorney at law’ involved

  • Joshua Sharp
    Joshua Sharp

    3 min into the video and there already 2 ads I'ma skip

  • Clone Wolfie
    Clone Wolfie

    It sounds weird with the voice changer on

  • Killer_Kiba

    POV: You're watching nogla recording with his real voice

  • San

    The new voice is very annoying im gonna be honest

  • braedyn justynski
    braedyn justynski

    why does nogla sound like hes not so dumb with the voice he was doing

  • JayJayStyles44

    I really want to see Nogla and Treyten play together... it would be jokes

  • Angel Salazar
    Angel Salazar

    He needs to meet Dundee 😂

  • Bxort

    The accent is a bit iffy nogla. Your regular accent is deffinity better.

  • ReeF

    If yall dont link up with Kyle Fungi i will dissapointed

  • Jason Ray
    Jason Ray

    Do you guys know that you can do rp without doing cringey voices?? Just do your normal voice

  • Nathan Bohlig
    Nathan Bohlig

    Nolgla gets turned into a River Dancer? Appropriate.

  • bulldawg gaming
    bulldawg gaming

    I'm part of a small roleplay server as well if you want to check it out

  • HEKS 128
    HEKS 128

    Finally on nopixel server, yes!

  • Mr j the joker
    Mr j the joker

    Dude nogla what happened to your voice

  • Beast_gaming

    U need to find this guy named Kyle fungi ;)

  • Finlay McGrath
    Finlay McGrath

    Btec “French Toasht O’Toole” & “The Viper” 🤣

  • Finlay McGrath
    Finlay McGrath


  • Crazy Crew 2.0
    Crazy Crew 2.0

    whoever watches this guy is brain dead or will be. I'm just saying get a new editor or if u are the editor, stop bc its annoying and not funny. Just my opinion but I bet a bunch of people agree but I actually liked your old videos before u change it up for the worse.

  • Savanna Tipton
    Savanna Tipton

    If you run into Benji and Ash and Dundee they could teach you crime

  • Savanna Tipton
    Savanna Tipton

    Omg I can't 😂 hold on my alarm then the swimm😭😭 who needs to walk on water when you can walk on walls😂😂

  • Carter Guerro
    Carter Guerro

    I'm like oh okay cool video how much rp points you getting I didn't understand rp=role-playing lol

  • VoltZ

    Considering how good nogla and terroriser is on driving in GTA V minigames and stuff. I think they'll be god tier crims in this server

  • GaijinWolfR34

    I thought it was Vanos doing his Nogla impression. Funny vid though.

  • Choa Yeon
    Choa Yeon

    Wait it was Nogal that tased by Rated(AJ Hunter)

  • Kochite Gaming
    Kochite Gaming


  • All Fords
    All Fords

    that glicth hit me so hard

  • Spynxz -_-
    Spynxz -_-

    bruh nogla why did you include yourself planning to meet up with bryan in the video.. dont get banned my dude because i think thats in the rules or something.

  • 『Fallen Royale』
    『Fallen Royale』

    Will this be in the same server as kyle fungi?

  • IsaacMunoz

    Don’t like the voice changer :(

  • Mochi Beats
    Mochi Beats

    Voice changer??

  • ItsMeJessieAndAri

    Sounds like if Evan and Nogla had a baby

  • Harriis

    Limerick's nice haha :/

  • Snoopy503

    What served is this

  • JerkPlaysGames

    I like how nogla is already making enemies. It would also be cool to see characters that we've seen in Kyle fungi's videos cross over to these videos.

  • Buzz Playz
    Buzz Playz

    Shivvy from Kyle Fungai squad is hands down the funniest "I'm a bit of a Rippidy Rapper " 😅

  • D. Sono
    D. Sono

    Not gonna lie I'm quite scared for them both bc they were doing meta & ooc; and NoPixel is a serious RP server. And you couldn't just steal vehicles bc they have locks. Glad they have fun tho

  • Jason Richmond
    Jason Richmond

    Nooooglllaaaa why you sound different in the beginning of the video??!!!

  • Indorapter14 Boi
    Indorapter14 Boi

    Bro this was so funny 😂 please make more of shiclmy and snake

  • Hannah Hirschi
    Hannah Hirschi

    Why does Noglas voice sound different?


    how do i get gta 5 for windows 10?

  • Skateholic #
    Skateholic #

    If you rp you might as well take it seriously

  • Will The Goat
    Will The Goat

    How much is it to fly to Ireland on Nogla airlines

  • Mod

    Your original voice is better then this :) And we need team 6 in this server

  • kirbster3678

    Can we just have a huge shout out to the 2 guys who put up with your antics lol

  • bretuc12

    WTF is this, I love it

  • troy emmanul
    troy emmanul

    Stupid low volume, cant understand anything

  • Curry

    You shouldn't be using discord calls to find out each other's locations. What you did was metagaming and admins take it very seriously, even if it's not malicious like in your case.

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez

    I feel that Kyle Fungi and Schlimey And snake would get along pretty well

  • ItsJustLuke

    Nogla sounds like brogla with the high pitch ngl.

  • Captain Keyes
    Captain Keyes

    brians character look like james franco lmaoooooo

  • Knilore Bardus
    Knilore Bardus

    And I thought Callmekevin was lost to the server functions.

  • DevilPlayz88

    is it possible to play rp on xbox. maybe it's way better than getting instantly killed in online

  • Sanjana Mohangi
    Sanjana Mohangi

    best gtav video ever

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    I just wanna point out the banjo and Kazooie background music.. Isn't it copyright?

  • Stephanos

    best laugh i have in months LOL

  • K-CED

    17:47 Is this from my country the Philippines?!?!?!

  • Ralf Coenen
    Ralf Coenen

    Long time NoPixel viewer here, it's gonna be good Just don't use any communication outside of the server, ever, that shit will get you banned

  • sam ker
    sam ker

    Never realized how thick his accent was before he put his voice in high pitch

  • Nick Urbina
    Nick Urbina

    not a fan of the voice sounds like the "foot lettuce" guy

  • Jon Von
    Jon Von

    Now we need evan to join to complete the gang

  • Shadow

    You sound like evan for a bit