GTA 5 roleplay but we go to jail for this on NoPixel?
In today's video, the Altar Boys finally meets their biggest opponent. The life of an Irish gang member isn't so easy, sometimes it gets too overwhelming. In this video, you'll witness first hand how one slip up, can cost you your whole life...
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    6:28 That sound effect made me giggle ngl

    • Tristan Jaxx
      Tristan Jaxx

      @Noel Landry Definitely, have been using Flixzone for years myself :)

    • Noel Landry
      Noel Landry

      pro trick: watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.



    • Bigger Guy
      Bigger Guy

      Conguratsu on the pin no mustache man

    • ROAR

      Is there anything you DON'T watch?! I see you EVERYWHERE!

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    What happened to the role play Nogla stopped posting, I really liked this series aswell

  • halogod18

    the woman and her pig laugh

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • Jeramy Haney
    Jeramy Haney

    Play on pgn server

  • TheoneKevin 39
    TheoneKevin 39

    Loved this vid laughed so much lmao the cop chase was fucking hilarious and when yall took her as hostage lmao when yall stole the cop car lol the whole vid was perfect

  • Bobert A name
    Bobert A name

    is this just ep 3

  • Dzikra Athaullah
    Dzikra Athaullah

    Plz invite Droid it would be funnier

  • JackMaker VG
    JackMaker VG

    When will he meet Kyle fungi

  • Mico Caballero
    Mico Caballero

    iwwana play i that server :(

  • TokyoDeathGhoul

    Everyone is waiting for Schlimey and Snake to meet Kyle, but I think we are forgetting about another hopeful meet-up. Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law.

  • Reggie's Home Videos
    Reggie's Home Videos

    Ireland simulator

  • Ricardo Miguel
    Ricardo Miguel

    6:37 Did he come up with that on the spot?Because it was hilarious!

  • Yamii


  • JofinnSenpai

    6 cop cars for this

  • Mage 7734
    Mage 7734

    "These Alter Boys are going back to catholic school!" I fucking love that cop

  • Hajile _
    Hajile _

    When are ye gonna bump into Kyle Fungi

  • Byron Clements
    Byron Clements

    I loved this more please

  • Archaeo

    This is fun to watch! Love the interactions with the other players

  • Icy iYes
    Icy iYes

    WE NEED MORE!!!😂.

  • Totally not Depressed
    Totally not Depressed

    "What are you, Australian or something?" Nogla: **Irish intensifies**

  • AMAK 89
    AMAK 89

    Y’all are crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Omega Infinite
    Omega Infinite

    one of the best videos from you, loved it lmao

  • Wicksy Gaming
    Wicksy Gaming

    Absolute banger video!!

  • jonnathan huerta
    jonnathan huerta

    I’m high as fak watching this laughing my ass off😂

  • SciFiislife gaming
    SciFiislife gaming

    You are an idiot xD

  • Kevin Vue95
    Kevin Vue95

    We need more action from the altar boys lol

  • Big Will
    Big Will

    I need more.

  • psychosalvador

    is this the same server with callmekevin?

  • SweatShirtSkull

    The EMS are so used to people using them like mechanics they barely knew what to do at first when someone’s actually RP’ing

  • Kyle Justiniano
    Kyle Justiniano


  • Felipe Cortes
    Felipe Cortes

    11:20 I love how despite not wanting to be in the Altar Boys initially,Shnake ended up being committed and ended up in the worst condition off the 3

  • Joshua Burgos
    Joshua Burgos

    "This is the sound of my gun"

  • YaGirlOmega

    I seen that transformers clip. It made me really happy.

  • crash-test dummy
    crash-test dummy

    Just a bunch a lads

  • Emma Stephens
    Emma Stephens

    I love how this story's gone on, where will it lead ue boys next :D

  • Very Bored
    Very Bored

    Isn't that one white haired woman the one who killed XQC? Lol

  • BlueTea

    This series is literally too funny I could not stop laughing

  • TheRebelLion96

    I love how committed some of these RP's are! And when they break character they break it while in character; its hilarious!

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    6:04 is that telltales walking dead "alive inside"? 😂

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    Schlimey and the Shnake

  • Usman Ilyas
    Usman Ilyas


  • Danny States
    Danny States

    The guy who voices Shlimeyis pretty good. I wonder if he's considered professional voice acting.

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Macky Designs
    Macky Designs

    More RP videos! Please

  • Stuart Hurst
    Stuart Hurst

    I didn't think this would become one of my favorite videos

  • _ Triggered _
    _ Triggered _

    Wtf nogla literally didn’t do shit

  • James Chanco
    James Chanco

    Please make it a longer video about 30mins pleeeeeeease!!

  • 213AnimeFreak213

    I feel bad Garry’s Car always get stolen at burger shot

  • _ Triggered _
    _ Triggered _

    It’s kinda crazy seeing nogla with Kebun aka mr chang

  • _ Triggered _
    _ Triggered _

    That’s garrets car lol

  • Chance Meyers
    Chance Meyers

    Loved ittttt. More Of the Irish Lads


    When nogla and friends uploads a gta 5 video. It's like a new action thriller comedy movie has been released for me . And setting up snacks and things to watch the video . Vibeeeeee

    • PoisonStone

      A lot of people on the GTA No Pixel server are really entertaining and most of them make content for IRbin and stream it, so there's lots of content to watch!


    INDIAN ❤️

  • reneo santos
    reneo santos

    Nogla is no more using the voice XD HAHAHA

  • Millsy

    Which IRbinr/streamer actually is murph?

  • Dylan Smart
    Dylan Smart

    195th comment, did anyone notice the phone number he put in is legit?

  • Crash 7434
    Crash 7434

    I miss the old gta videos back in 2015 I miss the old days

  • 1up_ heath
    1up_ heath

    Garry's the guy from all those wierd food review shorts. He's got a dope voice. Especially for something like this.

  • GGBaby

    😂 I love these videos nogla please keep em comin.

  • mason jerome
    mason jerome

    Mrrrrr K you cant not love it

  • DaggerDick69

    Views running too low

  • Mecha letsplay799
    Mecha letsplay799


  • N. AZZH##N
    N. AZZH##N

    Irishmen gangsters : the movies 😎👍

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C

    This was a top 5 stream for me, Dare I say the funniest? Watch the VOD it's just better

  • İrem

    This gives me so much serotonin

  • Disiree Stephenson
    Disiree Stephenson

    I love the editor calling daithi out when he says something stupid.

  • Nogene Mcguinty
    Nogene Mcguinty

    This is like one big inside joke for the irish. And tá mé anseo chun é a féicail

  • Over Heated EsKim0
    Over Heated EsKim0

    13 minute video for hours long RP session

  • Incognito

    Post more rp plsssssss

  • Bad Panda Racing
    Bad Panda Racing

    Everything nogla said I understood everything the alter boys said I couldn't understand a f****** word

  • -Zelge -
    -Zelge -

    13:28 "No no, he's got a point"

  • Mattress

    Pls more

  • The Pioneer
    The Pioneer

    Was that police officer outlawgary?

  • lofs gaming
    lofs gaming

    if you could make a longer one. these it's so funny

  • The Cryptic
    The Cryptic

    Wow JoblessGarrett is in this

  • harry's guitar
    harry's guitar

    As if Nogla put August Aimes in heaven.

  • LuNaTiC

    nogla had her snorting he smooth as butter

  • Xavier Coelho
    Xavier Coelho

    Deputy Everly was very sweet.

  • Angel D. Curbelo
    Angel D. Curbelo

    6:51 Ahh yeesss great choice for the chase scene. Good old Transformers 2007 🐝🚔

  • Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan

    Also I love the videos of RP so please keep doing this this is hilarious

  • Ryan Swan
    Ryan Swan

    Secretly this is the Irish mafia

  • Jex Plays
    Jex Plays

    Garry berry the officer is awesome and we get the see mr chang in here too this is awesome.

  • Tylonium - fish
    Tylonium - fish

    I just want the clip from twitch of her POV from Everly LuL

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez

    You should be the Irish mafia😂

  • Pepper's YT
    Pepper's YT

    6:42 in the name of the father the holy ghost whos the priest u love the most get this little piggy on hi side about to take the altar boys for a ride

  • Juben Domli Balandra
    Juben Domli Balandra

    9:27 Greatest example of "my life is a joke" moment.

    • Techno

      That caught me of guard just like her😂😂

  • Erson Peters
    Erson Peters

    Wait, Nogla’s not Scottish?

  • Jobin Joseph
    Jobin Joseph

    till next time....on the ALTER BOYS saga...."will SLIMY have his face rubbed by soap again"

  • Themexiskull

    Wait was that the Italian flag or Mexico's flag 🇮🇹🇲🇽

  • Anime -rwk
    Anime -rwk

    OMG I was dying on that priest bit

  • Cez

    Officer Everly really is the BEST CLAIRE 😂🙌🙌💕

  • Mystic TK
    Mystic TK

    Jail time.

  • Stephanie Morris
    Stephanie Morris

    OMG THEY MET VADER(Eugene Zuckerberg)! YEEESSSSS!!!!

    • Juba

      Mr K too. Though that isnt that crazy since anto is in chang gang.

  • Kap

    when was this stream?

  • Jason Last
    Jason Last

    I can't get enough this fucking RP! "How can I snitch on you if you went before me!?" XD

  • dseptive gaming
    dseptive gaming

    Noglas my favourite scottish crime lord

  • Anthony Mastroianni
    Anthony Mastroianni

    Stewie/Nogla had no business being that adorable 😂

  • Doyle The Wizard
    Doyle The Wizard


  • HoursFly

    I never laughed so hard during a livestream. Brian and you made it amazing. Everyone missing out.