Among Us mod but I'm the smartest idiot of all...
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  • Trevor Ghalt
    Trevor Ghalt

    Batman would be proud of the first game detective skills

    • Bowie Dash
      Bowie Dash

      @Vincenzo Koa awesome! Took like 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

    • Vincenzo Koa
      Vincenzo Koa

      Dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPlekt. Just google for it enjoy!

    • Alfred Nygård
      Alfred Nygård


    • Alfred Nygård
      Alfred Nygård


    • Coltkiller Gaming
      Coltkiller Gaming

      @Josephdwa Dwat any episode in particular

  • Siked

    GLoVe WoRLd CuLt: ViCtoRy ScREech lololOloloLoLoLolOoloolo!!

  • Kevin Evans
    Kevin Evans

    I made the same spongebob reference when they added the glove hats...and my friends didnt laugh...i now know that i need new friends

  • Mark Bryant
    Mark Bryant


  • Olivia Wood
    Olivia Wood

    The thumbnail reminds me of the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy. Specially Eddy

  • Christian Wright
    Christian Wright

    What's the name of the mod?

  • Keith and Natani
    Keith and Natani

    Bro do they have a freeze tag mod.

  • Manuel Botello
    Manuel Botello

    That sounded like a girl scream! (Laughing)🤣

  • ProNuked


  • Incursio 23
    Incursio 23

    Love this grouping

  • Fluffy Chubbs
    Fluffy Chubbs

    Among Us 'mod'? What mod?

  • A Z
    A Z

    I'm confused what's the mod? Just that they're all wearing the same outfit?

  • Papa Steven
    Papa Steven

    I pull up

  • Aidan Sexton
    Aidan Sexton

    What is the mod?

  • Argonautilus

    Was that the Kurukuru Kururin soundtrack at the end?

  • Nathaniel Malcolm
    Nathaniel Malcolm

    Nogla got possessed by the spirit of Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes in that first game at the start, causean oh man was that such a *woke asf* play in getting the killers out instantly. 🤣😅

  • Go Away
    Go Away

    I have not played a real game on that map yet, but I love the flying platform too XD Thank you for another classic vid and take care of yourself and your family please, Mate

  • Maskurca Gaming
    Maskurca Gaming

    Why does my boy Nogla, from thr thumbnail, lookin like Edd from Ed Edd Eddy

  • S̷͇͌è̵̠n̴͕̋t̴͖̓a̶͕̔e̷͍͌

    All those glove hats... Anyone else get reminded of the Loyal Order of Stupids (Or international Order of Stupids. I can't remember the name exactly)?

  • VaguePHU

    Nogla is fucking big brained

  • TheGreatWolf14

    What's the mod tho? Lol

  • ciregod

    Wtf since when did nogla get so smart

  • Deadsur

    Big Brain Nogla

  • Disc Disk!
    Disc Disk!

    Ah Yes 1 More Hour.

  • Tizoc 21
    Tizoc 21

    bro y’all play shit rounds how is it fun to just be like ya it’s him but i’m not saying why wtf, y’all moving different

  • Siéko D.
    Siéko D.

    Any of you guys remember that scp foundation game? The crew should def play that Imagine Nogla as scp-106

  • Cody Zuniga
    Cody Zuniga

    You should get Shmeg the sorcerer in a game with y'all.

    • Anwar Diggs
      Anwar Diggs

      Oooooo yes!!!

  • Youtube Bard
    Youtube Bard

    D-did Nogla just win in the first couple seconds of the video with only two people killed? At the largest map in the game? How... Nogla... I think playing with the others has given you some kind of ability to sense who's imposter. Damn... I wish I could do that.

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • A. Criticus
    A. Criticus

    The first game was suuuuuuuuuper

  • LoganTV

    That Shia lebouf edit fucking killed me

  • Fóranzó

    Yooo, the first play was incredible!!! Such progress from his first games/videos lmao GG!!

  • AbsentHunter

    But what's the mod?

  • Manu Taufa
    Manu Taufa

    i like how you pretended to do task's

  • Dave Barrientos
    Dave Barrientos

    I wonder if there is a mod called zero gravity?

    • Dave Barrientos
      Dave Barrientos

      @Kids Snyder ok I just wonder about

    • Kids Snyder
      Kids Snyder

      That would be dumb

  • Alice The Malice
    Alice The Malice

    If I was there I would be the only one with a plunger my character in among us is Poop and her number one rule is to never EVER take off the plunger

  • Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)
    Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)

    CallMeKevin style titles are catching on

  • Real APBT Pitbull
    Real APBT Pitbull

    Great video send you all my love and hope you will send your love back best greetings from Thailand stay safe☀️.

  • scarface2684

    We gotta stop with this "They" shit!

  • Scott Richmond
    Scott Richmond

    I prefer the platform.

  • Jobin Joseph
    Jobin Joseph

    that hovering board has a funny dought why it is so addictive Nogla

  • L2_Legend


  • Jul Villarama
    Jul Villarama

    I thought this is the chicken mod or udder mod

  • Spider-Juan

    Can we let among us die now

  • Fernando Teodoro
    Fernando Teodoro

    Cuz it is my birthday!!!

  • Fernando Teodoro
    Fernando Teodoro

    I am watching this at 12 am and I am officially a teen

    • Katana Makela
      Katana Makela

      congratulations Fernando Teodoro 😊

    • Anwar Diggs
      Anwar Diggs

      Ok? No one cares

    • Kids Snyder
      Kids Snyder

      Ok? So what

  • Storm Black0721
    Storm Black0721

    This is a toast big brain 😂😂😂😶

  • Hydra

    at the end of the video you can hear nogla opening pokemon cards

  • Rifua Ibrahim
    Rifua Ibrahim

    I love that among us

  • Kyle Justiniano
    Kyle Justiniano


  • Rifua Ibrahim
    Rifua Ibrahim


  • Lea Gorley
    Lea Gorley

    Honestly I know it's not your normal crew but I love it when Nogla plays with Chilled's group. He causes as much chaos as everyone else

    • Febby Valentia
      Febby Valentia


  • Glenn Deloso
    Glenn Deloso

    Its detective nogla again

  • hanzo

    I would love to see Prop Hunt in The AirShip Map..


    5:07 "Just Do It!" that edit is frickin Hilarious 😂


    5:07 that edit it frickin Hilarious 😂


    5:07 that edit it frickin Hilarious 😂


    3:00 They did that to Cartoonz on his birthday lats time too lol


    They did that to Cartoonz on his birthday lats time too lol

  • Psycho Kern
    Psycho Kern

    🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🟥 🟥⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥 🟥🟥🟥 Red kinda *SUS*

  • Nach Undascore
    Nach Undascore

    Nogla's been stockpiling all of his IQ just to big brain at the start of his video.

  • Phenguin King
    Phenguin King

    So you’re a sophomore?

  • david hughes
    david hughes

    Play something else this game got old weeks ago🙄

  • Burn Neblograv
    Burn Neblograv

    First round was nogla big bran time

  • Chayton Weber
    Chayton Weber

    What is the music at 0:20

  • Randy Orne
    Randy Orne

    Ngl that intro and sound for the first second had me thinking I was on the wrong tab

  • ledlebrgr

    Will we ever get a Daithi de Nogla balloon? Or a Daithi de Nogla full-head mask? Or are either of those things and I've been living under a rock?

  • doddambdoat

    Anybody else notice he said he’s got 610 at 6:10 ? 🤣

  • Bigger Guy
    Bigger Guy

    Mission failed successfully

  • ZephyrZ

    I don't understand nogla's mind "smartest idiot" hahaha

  • Caine LeClair
    Caine LeClair

    I love how Chilled couldn't accept Nogla outsmarted him

  • Zero Bolt
    Zero Bolt

    It's nice to see Nogla using his brain, we all know he's smart, but he likes playing the fool to much 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald

    Lol today is my birthday too

  • Jamyo Daily
    Jamyo Daily

    daithi de nogla the king of the idiots

  • Robzy Alise
    Robzy Alise

    I'm literally sitting in awe of Nogla's big brain on that first game. Like DAMN.

    • Kids Snyder
      Kids Snyder

      He stream sniped tho

  • J Isn’t here
    J Isn’t here

    Among us

  • edson 21
    edson 21

    Man change the title

    • Anwar Diggs
      Anwar Diggs

      @edson 21 wow he rlly changed it .... I'm so disappointed

    • edson 21
      edson 21

      It used to say among us but am playing with dummies

  • Ethan Sutton
    Ethan Sutton

    This is evidence that Nogla is a genius

  • Keegan Pryde
    Keegan Pryde

    Why did it feel so long for a new video

  • Edgelord-senpai

    "Among Us but I'm the smartest idiot of all"... But still an idiot... 🤣


    Why can I clip and download Nogales videos but other youtubers I can’t

  • Durp

    among us again, yay...

    • Anwar Diggs
      Anwar Diggs

      Your pfp and comment match lol

  • Mister Dororo
    Mister Dororo

    U T T E R

  • Luke Perales
    Luke Perales

    You should have a discord

  • Oneil Basdeo
    Oneil Basdeo

    Day 4 of asking nogla to heart my comment

  • David Goldammer
    David Goldammer

    What a beautiful description.

  • fluffuchan 062
    fluffuchan 062

    First rule of Glove World, we don’t talk about Glove World.

  • David Berry
    David Berry

    He looks like Ed from Ed,Edd,Eddy 😂, in his thumb nail

  • Ceee Ceee
    Ceee Ceee

    Whoa there's lightening at the end when noglas running with his dogs I never noticed that before

    • Anwar Diggs
      Anwar Diggs

      He's always had that in his new outro

  • Michael Pont
    Michael Pont

    Nogla, you only have to do it 4 times, not 15 for shaking it

  • jrig123

    0:28 "Orange and lime."

  • Amen King
    Amen King

    10:38 Toad

  • Seth Tabor
    Seth Tabor

    This vid happened like a month ago lmao

  • Lara crofty
    Lara crofty


  • Kaboose79

    Lol nogla used the heartbeats to get chilled out.

  • Alixar

    Nogla: Two dead, Orange and Lime Me: You are Colorblind

  • Eji Putra
    Eji Putra

    Nogla can you put all of the youtuber in the description

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    Holy shit Nogla is using his brain for once on among us

  • Life’s DanK
    Life’s DanK

    Stop playing among us it’s dead

  • Mikizushi

    *Why are there no closed captions* 😭 I got in the habit of auto using them and whenever videos don’t have them I freak out lol