$5000 Pokemon vintage booster box battle vs my triplet brother...
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  • Radical

    dang I missed it.

    • Diego Lukas
      Diego Lukas

      @Harrison Theodore Definitely, I've been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :D

    • Harrison Theodore
      Harrison Theodore

      a tip : you can watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

    • Razer Mine
      Razer Mine

      Daithi usually aswell dont worryyy😂❤

    • VRNG

      Dam same only 1h late


      I missed it too

  • TheCyberWrecker

    Hey nogla I had some cards I want to sell and I was wondering if you could recommend a good place for me to sell them to I would really appreciate your help. love your videos man keep up the great work!

  • idigdeadthings

    play halo 3

  • Cesar Olivaflores
    Cesar Olivaflores


  • Christopher Pinkerman
    Christopher Pinkerman

    I was today years old when I realized the legendary bird names were one two three. Uno dos tres. I'm 31 years old and have never felt so clueless in my life. I owned all three cards when I was like 11.

  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson

    I have that charizard holo aswell

  • JACK

    Why he look like if pewdiepie and jake gyllenhall had a baby

  • Rob Cosco
    Rob Cosco

    Bruh you should of listen to your brothers instinct 2:04:44

  • RandomMindz

    Spoiler: - - - - - - - STOP BENDING CARDS NOGLA!!!!

  • Dit is Emile
    Dit is Emile

    I always really enjoy these videos where your brother is involved! They're really fun!

  • Shibeø YH
    Shibeø YH

    Nogla Brogla & Joegla The 3 musketeers

  • Fernando Roza
    Fernando Roza

    where can i see the pokemon snap video?

  • Tune

    only the real ones watched the full 2hours 24minutes 41seconds 💯💯

  • ggkarumi


  • Ronin Tsundere
    Ronin Tsundere

    So this is where the poker money went

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face

    Hey, Nogla, I found my old pokemon cards from over a decade ago and found a pink Celebi card with a star symbol on it. What does the star mean, and is it valuable?

  • Nubia Diaz-Ybarra
    Nubia Diaz-Ybarra


  • Säd Bøy
    Säd Bøy

    Noglas brother looks like him but without the bushy eyebrows and less of a beard than nogla

  • ItsJkc


  • Milkie Mouse
    Milkie Mouse

    It sounds like Nogla's talking to himself.

  • s02 Pzychotik
    s02 Pzychotik


  • Omar Selim
    Omar Selim

    Didn’t u say bye?

  • Just some guy
    Just some guy

    I missed it. Damn

  • Thies Gerdsen
    Thies Gerdsen

    Those are LITERALLY two noglas

  • DevilGamer_95

    Nogla is a triplet!?

  • B13. ODL Vaughn Harvey Novio
    B13. ODL Vaughn Harvey Novio

    I think youtubes fckin up my goated youtuber nogla

  • Elias Ib Boskov Hundevadt 5A
    Elias Ib Boskov Hundevadt 5A

    Nogle Where do You buy Your packs?

  • Fusion Paintball
    Fusion Paintball

    What’s Andrews strat with the yogurt ?

  • Sweet Jeeba
    Sweet Jeeba

    Hey bro love the content ! Pulled shiny charizard out of celebi tin other day. but was just curious about the headbands haha is it an Irish thing or cuz use have so much hair? At first I thought it was sunglasses or an odd headset haha

  • Ireton

    Nogla how you doing man love your vids ❤

  • Cricket012

    What is this set called?

  • 5p3c7r3 Champion
    5p3c7r3 Champion

    When school gets in your way of watching nogla’s stream

  • Donut Munchie
    Donut Munchie

    Have we met all the triplets yet?

    • Jani

      @x Rajang is there any video of them all at once?

    • x Rajang
      x Rajang


  • oh evil
    oh evil


  • PHY


  • jgard1990

    It's like looking in a broken mirror, creepy, like a horror story.

  • MataytoThaShort

    This is the first time I'm seeing his other brother lmao, I know of the 2nd one but did this one appear in another video?

  • Catty the killer cat /itzkittycat34
    Catty the killer cat /itzkittycat34

    Hey nogla just asking but can u sing a song to ailyah, the your love song u made :D and record it

  • محمد الشريف
    محمد الشريف

    Worst day is when there is no video💔💔

    • محمد الشريف
      محمد الشريف

      Watching old videos cause there is no video today 😔

  • Oura Ravenshield
    Oura Ravenshield

    I just noticed the names of the three legendary birds. Artic-uno, Zap-dos, Mol-tres Uno, dos, tres.........

    • Maxim Draeyers
      Maxim Draeyers

      I somehow only realised this myself couple weeks ago.... mind was blown...

  • Austin

    Ayo I have the full art mew two from when I opened these as a kid

  • Leyton V.
    Leyton V.

    Nooo I missed it :(

  • Brandon Standifer
    Brandon Standifer

    I missed it bro

  • derek brown
    derek brown

    I felt so dumb when I got the Artic-uno Zap-dos and Mol-tres number thing like 20 years after gen1 was released

    • 10hooper

      Me just now realizing it right now🥴

  • crazyman44!


  • Anomaly Ponplayz
    Anomaly Ponplayz

    We love to see it nogla opening pokemon cards

  • Superior Panda
    Superior Panda

    Damn it, I’ve been on IRbin for an hour and only see this in my notifications *after* the stream ends.

  • ashfakul huq
    ashfakul huq

    So is there no video today? Other than this stream

  • Alyanna Garcia
    Alyanna Garcia

    Hope you have a good day.😁😁

  • lmao brxken
    lmao brxken

    Hi Nogla :D

  • DaBobby Shmurda
    DaBobby Shmurda

    Nogla never had brothers from the start, he converted his victims into his brothers.

    • qwerty mars
      qwerty mars

      Nogla said they're triplets but nah bruh he cloned himself.

  • Majime

    Noooo I missed it sry Nogla I was gonna donate

  • 83 Security
    83 Security


  • bassbobcatt

    Why does Andrew look like 2014 pewdiepie??

  • Latchet

    Nogla vs Brother who has the better luck? Well watch the video already

    • Latchet

      Sadly missed the stream 😢

  • Ellison

    This is where he spent that poker money

  • TheLegendaryTaco

    24 comments? Seemed like there would be more

  • Mr Squirrel
    Mr Squirrel

    I joined right as he said “urhhh”

  • Jamie Ryan
    Jamie Ryan


  • Chase the Master
    Chase the Master

    I liked all the comments

  • K skillz2
    K skillz2

    Remember when he lost $4K of Pokémon cards? 😂

    • Chuah SeongTeik
      Chuah SeongTeik

      Remember when he won 4k$ from poker?

  • Chase the Master
    Chase the Master


  • Merx_


  • Engineer Cheems
    Engineer Cheems

    *Streamed 4 months ago*

  • amelia !
    amelia !

    loved the stream nogla (: and the twinned headbands 😎

  • flamingo man20
    flamingo man20

    Oh I missed it

    • Chase the Master
      Chase the Master


  • Gio V
    Gio V


    • Chase the Master
      Chase the Master


  • axeeb

    Why does it say 4 months

  • AlphaIkaros

    Why is Nogla's brother looked like Irish Pewdiepie?

    • Chase the Master
      Chase the Master

      I don’t know

  • Ryan Huling
    Ryan Huling

    This says streamed 4 months ago

    • Ryan Huling
      Ryan Huling

      @blazing dragon I’m sure Nogla is very busy. You shouldn’t fault him for not playing a specific game that you want him to...

    • Carlos Vazquez
      Carlos Vazquez

      Lll nllllln muhibbj

    • blazing dragon
      blazing dragon

      @Daithi De Nogla Dude you promised us that you'd play pokemon B&W. but it's been more than 2 months now.

    • Sweet Jeeba
      Sweet Jeeba

      So nogla is from the future, lots of wisdom in the stream before mate more guys need to talk about handling depression and ways to handle certain situations that can take some people down the same road.

    • Ryan Huling
      Ryan Huling

      Not really sure. It’s fixed now lol

  • Child Ok
    Child Ok

    Well dam missed it

    • Chase the Master
      Chase the Master