Daithi De Nogla

Daithi De Nogla
Daithi De Nogla

Hey guys, it's Daithi here! I make gaming videos on Among Us, GTA 5, Call of Duty, Gmod, UNO, Minecraft and more. I hope ye enjoy. Thank you for reading this and God bless your day.

  • Spicyscouser


  • jake _gaming1009
    jake _gaming1009

    this is hilariouse

  • Synister Fluffball
    Synister Fluffball

    your awesome DI....Anyone that says different can just step off....GG

  • EDIAV42

    When did jack get cancel powers and how? Did he get in bed with IRbin or something?

  • DeathsPit00

    I think that's Command and Conquer, but I'm not sure. Been way too long since I played it.

  • Couch

    I love how brian is constantly left out 😂😂😂

  • Kristopher Shepard
    Kristopher Shepard

    8:33 Don’t tell me I’m still on that feckin’ island!

  • Joshua Barclay
    Joshua Barclay

    7:11 he looks like the bad guy from men in black 1

  • Axolotl_Rulez

    As a IRbin content creator I can confirm IRbin does pick thumbnails sometimes

  • the KanSerist
    the KanSerist

    Ah yes, I remember the one-two uniflu


    Poor jack everyone at the end got star ⭐️ expect him 😂

  • saturrrnes

    i love how brian just hang out on the discord and listening to them it's something I'd do tbh

  • Legion

    Gods be damned I can feel the salt storm

  • Stealth Gaming
    Stealth Gaming

    Is Rumble turned off on your controller

  • Zee_garrett

    Mom!? 🤣

  • Jurgen Alcala
    Jurgen Alcala

    ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝

  • the pokemon vintang packs king
    the pokemon vintang packs king

    Wow i think she is talking about the food 😉😉😉😉

  • SPARTAN 935
    SPARTAN 935

    Ehhueh why play doki doki literature club. On noglas turn

  • TommyTheSparta

    Did the give away ever happen?

  • ik why
    ik why

    That Mario edit right at the start. Was *absolutely flawless!*

  • Enrique Nazario
    Enrique Nazario

    Nogla really made 2 videos out of the same stream

  • Shadow Storm
    Shadow Storm

    i also had an xbox 360 had black ops 2 the the xbox was black instead of white

  • True

    IS it me or does Daithi Twitter icon look like a character in "Game Of Thrones"?

  • sctr1235

    the disrespect nogla shows cards from time to time is terrible

  • Blood money207
    Blood money207

    dumbass!! whaaat the fack!!!

  • blu

    Aaah the billy boys

  • CaffeineKage

    more this, less among us dog shit

  • HoppingSnake290

    I see you care about your viewers :D

  • Nico Gamer
    Nico Gamer

    Nogla looks like John wick

  • Minnie

    Vanosses wheeze qt the beginning

  • Dylan Nelson
    Dylan Nelson

    Damn Daithi De Therapist

  • loser monster
    loser monster

    Where does brian come from

  • RyÆ NyA TakA Ñēk0
    RyÆ NyA TakA Ñēk0

    Nogla they still ask about lad or lass depending on toys at the time right now its star wars and disney princesses

  • MEME king King
    MEME king King

    we all know that nogla could have said something to make those other peopole shut up instantly

  • Katie_ Is
    Katie_ Is

    Brooooo it’s either I’m way to high or does Brian look like Joey from friends 😭😭

  • Sylvia Barboza
    Sylvia Barboza

    Yessss love watching the Irish lads play Mario party

  • Granny Grams
    Granny Grams

    When’s the next Alterboys Rp adventure

  • Damian Marcial
    Damian Marcial

    I feel like nogla is more of a waluigi guy

  • Chaosiferus

    The Yorkie bar convo reminds me of a video I just watched about protein powder for guys and girls. And the health expert said there's literally no difference in them just they're labelling the because business lol

  • Below_Five

    its not "yo hi" its "Youre lying"

  • David Guy
    David Guy

    i gave a like because i like the end animation

  • roblox gamer gamer jailbreak
    roblox gamer gamer jailbreak

    It tht baf kr sometin

  • Climb em' All
    Climb em' All

    Omgggg yesss I miss this content love how you guys are going for trick shots to the edits are amazing

  • neil Taylor
    neil Taylor

    When nogla forgets that ballistics knife has better lunge speed and range compared to the tactical with gun

  • JohnThaKing

    A Irish video without terriorizor? It feels wrong

  • Er-teC-ris

    Imagine one day they run into Kevin in this without planning to.

  • burnt toast
    burnt toast

    Yo whos your favorite pokemon character I kinda like Mindy,sick character

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki

    This is probably Nogla's favorite video because of the noise compilation at the end😂😋

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Jack is worse than TikTok ngl

    • Astrid Miller
      Astrid Miller

      Damn why do you hate Jack so much? He's a nice guy.

  • Dino_ Freddy
    Dino_ Freddy

    I remember pulling a Radiant Emolga Full Art from Legendary Treasures. I legit flipped when I pulled that card.

  • netpage

    When the c** hits your eye that's a fu**ing pink eye

  • maverick maverick
    maverick maverick

    Damn siri's hot hahahaha!

  • Tipsy The Clown
    Tipsy The Clown

    This is how nogla affords all those pokemon card packs

  • Tj Productions 2
    Tj Productions 2

    She talks like almost every girl in my school

  • Clemsonfan322 #SCstrong
    Clemsonfan322 #SCstrong


  • Tony Isabella
    Tony Isabella

    Nogla: This hot chocolate and French toast isn't gonna eat it's self 0:43 Nogla literally 2 minutes later: I'm ChOkInG oN mY cHiCkEn AnD RiCe 2:12

  • Daniel Crystal
    Daniel Crystal

    9:31 it's good to know you're doing ok then, at least from what we're seeing from your videos

  • ロッテ

    That improv bonus clip is someone's new ringtone

  • lonefofi

    The background music fucked me up. I was just playing Advanced Wars before checking out IRbin

  • Lizzy Troy
    Lizzy Troy

    Alternate title: Dathi De Nogla Prediction Compilation.

  • Daniel Headhunter
    Daniel Headhunter

    Play more bankrupt tyler

  • Mystic TK
    Mystic TK

    Never let it happen lol

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza

    Omg Joe and Tony 😭🤧

  • CoyoteMontana

    I wonder what the name of this map and where can I find it.

  • Minnie

    I just noticed the donkey kong tropical freeze theme playing in the background

  • Storyteller gaming
    Storyteller gaming

    The last thing you hear before Jack gets you. “ top of the morning to ya”

  • PixeliteMC

    It's been so many videos and I'm still wondering what's the name of that farting intro music.

  • Star

    LMAO the map has the Ys Origin opening 23:45 Freaked me out cause i have been listening to it so much recently

  • SirSkii

    Where’s the gta rp plz bring it back :)

  • ivan caudillo
    ivan caudillo

    Where can I buy one of these Pokémon booster pack at nogla?

  • incoherent 75
    incoherent 75

    I'm watching a guy opening Pokemon cards and it's entertaining

  • Decade

    Nogla guess which side when I sleep